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Selection Controls

Great Reads

by hgbecker
Animated IOS like On/Off switch.
by Mark Kruger
API which shows a Selection Overlay and notifies the caller when it's resizing and notifies the final rectangle.
by Xomega Team
How to easily implement cascading selection the MVC way and leverage cached static data.
by BobishKindaGuy
TrackBar that can work with time values, has a nice spotlight for the current value, and won't allow its value to change when the user moves their mousewheel.

Latest Articles

by Peter Sun (247)
Master-detail view navigation using manageable data-driven and code-behind techniques
by Сергій Ярошко
How to create an .NET user control combining several radio buttons with a border and a caption and provide it with handy support of Visual Studio at design time.
by napuzba
EnumFlagsSelector control allows to select multiple values from all possible values of enum
by napuzba
EnumSelector control allows to select one value from all possible values of enum.


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