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Static & Panel Controls

Great Reads

by Paul Vickery
Code to add a message bar to virtually any existing Windows control.
by Burak Ozdiken
How to make a custom panel control like in Visual Studio 2008 for a Windows Forms Application using the .NET Framework.
by Tomaž Štih
...without interop!
by ErnestoNet
User Control with scrolling and zooming done in C++/CLI

Latest Articles

by RickZeeland
This is an alternative for "Beveled Panel with Shadow Effect"
by Yury Yuhno
A panel that has rounded borders, gradients, edges/bevels and a shadow
by Dmitry Brant
A custom control for Windows Forms that looks like an electronic 7-segment LED display.
by James J M
How to apply spacing to all children in a panel


by Member 13900470 on Article "Using the FlowLayoutPanel and reorder...
by RickZeeland on tip/trick "Modified version with tabs"
by CHill60 on tip/trick "Modified version with tabs"
by DrABELL on Article "Seven-segment LED Control for .NET"
by BrightShadow on Article "Friction Scrolling Now An WPF...

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