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Threads, Processes & IPC

Great Reads

by Hans Dietrich
XQueue implements a shared-memory first-in first-out (FIFO) queue, based on memory-mapped files, that works on all versions of Windows.
by Nish Nishant
Introduction to using the Monitor class for accessing shared resources from multiple threads
by Sherwood Hu
A class to manage the thread pool
by Marc Clifton
What you may not realize about memory allocation and threads, and a little known thing called "Server Mode"

Latest Articles

by Nikola M. Živković
It has been a long time since .NET version 4.5 was released. To refresh our memory, that happened on August 15th, 2012. Yes, six years ago. Feel old yet? Well, it was not my intention to bum you out but to… Read More Asynchronous Programming in .NET – Motivation and Unit Testing..
by Igor Ladnik
Article discusses basic infrastructure for massive continuous data acquisition and processing using ZooKeeper-Kafka and Redis.
by Kewin Rausch
A really tiny IPC mechanism which does not rely on any existing system call or API.
by BMicka
Run Task scheduler task on folder content change


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