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by marcus obrien
My experience of the disastrous effects of a bad OO design. In particular what happens when combinatorial explosion arrives knocking on the door.
by Jochen Baier
Using this smart 'FIXME' macro will help you not to forget to fix your code.
by Murali Pamidi
Politics aside, here are 7 simple tweaks that could make website instantly fast.
by OriginalGriff
Marking code you need to return to later

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by ChristianNeumanns
A list of useful pragmatics for all programmers
by ChristianNeumanns
A list of useful pragmatics for all programmers.
by Christiaan van Bergen
How to perform XPath queries on all lower case elements
by Nikola M. Živković
I remember the first time I got on stage with one of my bands. All the rehearsals and practices came down to one moment when we all needed to work together as one. Sounds from our instruments should merge into one, and if either one of us makes a mistake, the songs will not sound good.

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The term “reactive” is the perfect descriptor for the type of...
The Portable Document Format (PDF) is ideal for sharing information and...
Building offline-first mobile apps isn't easy. Caching is fast and...


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