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by Rustem Gaifutdinov
How you can use prototyping in software development and how you can choose proper tool for that
by Amit Kukreti (Vervelogic)
In this article we will try to help readers understand the importance of developing a UX with Task First Designing.
by Bob Stoom
New drag-and-drop intuitive engine on the OCR MODI base
by Alexander Kouznetsov
A way to view, store and process logical expressions

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by Ashish Shukla - as
Create a single responsive website for different device sizes such as for large desktop devices, laptop devices tablet devices and on mobile devices. This article describes the basic concepts of creating responsive website using Bootstrap.
by Stas Wolski
Modern Material design and discovering its implementation in different web frameworks
by Giuseppe Luciano
MiniJoystick is a UI component that can be used on touch devices. It adds functionality to a simple button: you can't only click on a button, but you can also drag it to the left/right, up/down.
by SatishK Ranjan
Implementing Pipeline and Filters pattern using C#


by Ashish Shukla - as on article "Creating Responsive Website using...
by Pascualito on article "Creating Responsive Website using...
by Shahin Khorshidnia on article "MiniJoystick UI Component"
by Giuseppe Luciano on article "MiniJoystick UI Component"
by Shahin Khorshidnia on article "MiniJoystick UI Component"

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