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Web Security

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by Omar Al Zabir
Protect ASP.NET and WCF from various brute force and Denial of Service attacks and speed up response time using nginx.
by Brij
This article discusses some problems with the earlier approach and discusses Identity federation
by Steve Wellens
There was a question from a student over on the Asp.Net forums about improving site performance. The concern was that every time an app setting was read from the Web.Config file, the disk would be accessed. With many app settings and many users, it was believed performance would suffer.
by Abhijit S Kulkarni
Token Based Authentication for Web API

Latest Articles

by Jyoti Ray
If you want that your site always opens with SSL/ HTTPS only, then you need to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. There are several methods to do it. But in this tip, I share the easiest HTTPS redirection methods.
by Rashedul H Khan
This article is pertaining to authentication and authorization using Grails spring-security-acl in a Groovy on Grails application
by Alejandro Ferreira Guido
This article is about explaining the process of building an authentication servlet filter from scratch, including configuration initialization, url path filtering for login page and the process to get a user dynamically authenticated on a separate LDAP Windows Active Domain.
In this article, we will discuss about another more security authorization. it was called "Token Based Authentication".


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