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GeneralThought of the Day Pin
OriginalGriff30-Aug-19 5:36
mveOriginalGriff30-Aug-19 5:36 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
Richard Deeming30-Aug-19 5:44
mveRichard Deeming30-Aug-19 5:44 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
DaveAuld31-Aug-19 1:55
professionalDaveAuld31-Aug-19 1:55 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 5:46
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 5:46 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
Mike Hankey30-Aug-19 8:27
professionalMike Hankey30-Aug-19 8:27 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 9:00
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 9:00 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
Sander Rossel31-Aug-19 1:03
professionalSander Rossel31-Aug-19 1:03 
General10:01 Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 5:08
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 5:08 
So I moved a digital clock out of the way of an impending visit by a 3yr old. As it happened, it was put next to a mirror, perpindicularly, so I had a reflection of it that appeared like an adjacent clock of the same type (mirrors tend to do that).

Then, I saw it !

1001 1001

THat's 99 decimal, whose digits add up to 18 and then whose digits add up to 9, again - but only one 9 !

It must be an omen! Surely! An Omen !

Ravings en masse^
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein
"If you are searching for perfection in others, then you seek disappointment. If you seek perfection in yourself, then you will find failure." - Balboos HaGadol Mar 2010

GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
kmoorevs30-Aug-19 5:31
Memberkmoorevs30-Aug-19 5:31 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
OriginalGriff30-Aug-19 5:33
mveOriginalGriff30-Aug-19 5:33 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 5:39
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 5:39 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
OriginalGriff30-Aug-19 5:51
mveOriginalGriff30-Aug-19 5:51 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 5:53
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 5:53 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
Richard MacCutchan30-Aug-19 5:57
mveRichard MacCutchan30-Aug-19 5:57 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
User 842030-Aug-19 5:36
MemberUser 842030-Aug-19 5:36 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 5:41
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 5:41 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
OriginalGriff30-Aug-19 6:23
mveOriginalGriff30-Aug-19 6:23 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
Richard Deeming30-Aug-19 5:41
mveRichard Deeming30-Aug-19 5:41 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 5:44
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 5:44 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
OriginalGriff30-Aug-19 6:24
mveOriginalGriff30-Aug-19 6:24 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
Rick York30-Aug-19 7:03
mveRick York30-Aug-19 7:03 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz30-Aug-19 7:24
MemberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz30-Aug-19 7:24 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
dandy7230-Aug-19 8:45
Memberdandy7230-Aug-19 8:45 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
W Balboos30-Aug-19 8:57
mveW Balboos30-Aug-19 8:57 
GeneralRe: 10:01 Pin
Randor 30-Aug-19 9:16
professional Randor 30-Aug-19 9:16 

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