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***Proud Son of the blacksmith***

Basically started as electronic engineer (Transistors opamp and other of this stuff)...

... then I started „programming“before a half century.
In my free time with Texas xyz (I don’t remember exactly) followed by C64 and Atari.

Parallel at work it was Motorola 6805 and derivatives, pure assembler. Continued with Intel 8051; first standalone, afterwards with Intel – RMX (an OS for embedded stuff).

Since about 20 years I’m happy not need longer to concern about ram/hd because I’m programming for Win (ok at the very beginning ram/hd was still a question).

Fascinated from the work from Niklaus Wirth...

And sometimes(?) a little bit out of norm

Rubik's Cube with Patrick Bossert A - Z of the 80s C episode - YouTube[^]
31 Dec 2019 CodeProject MVP 2020



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GeneralSome drum lesson Pin
0x01AA3-Jul-20 12:05
mve0x01AA3-Jul-20 12:05 
GeneralGreat Pin
0x01AA20-Apr-20 10:44
mve0x01AA20-Apr-20 10:44 
GeneralOne to remember Pin
0x01AA11-Mar-20 2:43
mve0x01AA11-Mar-20 2:43 
Article Formatting tips for CodeProject[^]
It does not solve my Problem, but it answers my question

GeneralTime to come down... Pin
0x01AA15-Feb-20 7:54
mve0x01AA15-Feb-20 7:54 
GeneralJohn Lee Hooker & Carlos Santana? Pin
0x01AA25-Dec-19 8:28
mve0x01AA25-Dec-19 8:28 
GeneralM Pin
0x01AA22-Dec-19 9:23
mve0x01AA22-Dec-19 9:23 
GeneralDo you recognize the difference in the octaves? Pin
0x01AA19-Dec-19 8:59
mve0x01AA19-Dec-19 8:59 
GeneralMore music Pin
0x01AA7-Dec-19 5:28
mve0x01AA7-Dec-19 5:28 
GeneralMusic Pin
0x01AA30-Nov-19 11:41
mve0x01AA30-Nov-19 11:41 
GeneralFeeling tired Pin
0x01AA24-Nov-19 12:32
mve0x01AA24-Nov-19 12:32 
GeneralMusic this and that Pin
0x01AA16-Nov-19 10:05
mve0x01AA16-Nov-19 10:05 
GeneralRubik's Cube Pin
0x01AA16-Nov-19 8:54
mve0x01AA16-Nov-19 8:54 
GeneralPurple Live Pin
0x01AA2-Nov-19 2:46
mve0x01AA2-Nov-19 2:46 
GeneralMusic I love Pin
0x01AA26-Oct-19 2:13
mve0x01AA26-Oct-19 2:13 
GeneralMy favorite Pin
0x01AA13-Mar-19 23:59
mve0x01AA13-Mar-19 23:59 

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