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I am a 29 years old guy and I live with my girlfriend in Hoegaarden, little city from Belgium well known for its white beer Smile | :) .
I studied as an industrial engineer in electronics but I oriented myself more towards software development when I started to work.
Currently I am working in a research centre in mechatronica. I mainly develop in C++ but I also do a bit of Java.
When I have so spare time, I like to read (mainly fantasy) and play electric guitar.


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GeneralTest sig Pin
Cedric Moonen11-May-06 22:50
memberCedric Moonen11-May-06 22:50 
GeneralRe: Test sig Pin
Mr.Prakash13-May-06 23:58
memberMr.Prakash13-May-06 23:58 
GeneralRe: Test sig Pin
Cedric Moonen15-May-06 5:20
memberCedric Moonen15-May-06 5:20 
GeneralOT Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian17-Sep-08 1:02
mvpRajesh R Subramanian17-Sep-08 1:02 
GeneralRe: OT Pin
Cedric Moonen17-Sep-08 1:16
mvpCedric Moonen17-Sep-08 1:16 
GeneralRe: OT Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian17-Sep-08 1:47
mvpRajesh R Subramanian17-Sep-08 1:47 
GeneralRe: OT Pin
Cedric Moonen17-Sep-08 1:52
mvpCedric Moonen17-Sep-08 1:52 
GeneralRe: OT Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian17-Sep-08 1:59
mvpRajesh R Subramanian17-Sep-08 1:59 
Cedric Moonen wrote:
I didn't say I was good at it, only that I was trying to play more tactical

LOL. I try playing tactical from time to time. But then I fail most of the times, so I just play my natural game - hard hitting. Smile | :)

Cedric Moonen wrote:
If, by chance, you come in Belgium once, keep me informed and we'll try to set up a match. It would be fun Smile .

Just what I thought! Let me know if you come to India too. Big Grin | :-D

Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal - Friedrich Nietzsche

[Microsoft MVP - Visual C++]

GeneralRe: OT Pin
rahul.kulshreshtha1-May-10 1:01
memberrahul.kulshreshtha1-May-10 1:01 
GeneralRe: Test sig Pin
roopa.n7-Apr-09 22:08
memberroopa.n7-Apr-09 22:08 
GeneralRe: Test sig Pin
David Pritchard7-Oct-11 4:37
memberDavid Pritchard7-Oct-11 4:37 
GeneralRe: Test sig Pin
Cedric Moonen7-Oct-11 4:57
memberCedric Moonen7-Oct-11 4:57 
GeneralWelcome ! Pin
cedric moonen1-Jul-05 0:39
membercedric moonen1-Jul-05 0:39 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
BrockVnm1-Jul-05 7:44
memberBrockVnm1-Jul-05 7:44 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
ThatsAlok5-Jul-05 23:25
memberThatsAlok5-Jul-05 23:25 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
cedric moonen6-Jul-05 5:02
membercedric moonen6-Jul-05 5:02 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
ThatsAlok7-Jul-05 0:47
memberThatsAlok7-Jul-05 0:47 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
toxcct25-Aug-05 0:20
membertoxcct25-Aug-05 0:20 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Vivekuniq13-Sep-05 5:07
memberVivekuniq13-Sep-05 5:07 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Bob X14-Apr-06 10:29
memberBob X14-Apr-06 10:29 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
tanarnelinistit28-Jul-06 2:09
membertanarnelinistit28-Jul-06 2:09 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
joon_19-Mar-07 3:16
memberjoon_19-Mar-07 3:16 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Cedric Moonen19-Mar-07 9:21
mvpCedric Moonen19-Mar-07 9:21 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
joon_19-Mar-07 22:53
memberjoon_19-Mar-07 22:53 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Programm3r22-Mar-07 23:21
memberProgramm3r22-Mar-07 23:21 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Ravel H. Joyce11-Sep-07 23:36
memberRavel H. Joyce11-Sep-07 23:36 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Cedric Moonen12-Sep-07 8:38
mvpCedric Moonen12-Sep-07 8:38 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
krishna Vuppala26-Sep-07 0:37
memberkrishna Vuppala26-Sep-07 0:37 
GeneralHello! Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian15-Feb-08 0:55
mvpRajesh R Subramanian15-Feb-08 0:55 
GeneralRe: Hello! Pin
Cedric Moonen15-Feb-08 1:13
mvp Cedric Moonen15-Feb-08 1:13 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Jijo raj27-May-08 22:27
memberJijo raj27-May-08 22:27 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Cedric Moonen28-May-08 0:39
mvp Cedric Moonen28-May-08 0:39 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Jijo raj7-Jun-08 5:04
memberJijo raj7-Jun-08 5:04 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
Cedric Moonen24-Jun-08 21:34
mvpCedric Moonen24-Jun-08 21:34 
GeneralThank you !!! Pin
akirilov29-Jun-08 22:06
memberakirilov29-Jun-08 22:06 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
hINTModuleState20-Aug-08 2:16
memberhINTModuleState20-Aug-08 2:16 
GeneralRe: Welcome ! Pin
BobInNJ28-Feb-09 8:01
memberBobInNJ28-Feb-09 8:01 
JokeRe: Welcome ! Pin
cccfff77726-Apr-11 3:06
membercccfff77726-Apr-11 3:06 

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