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The first computer program I ever wrote was in BASIC on a TRS-80 Model I and it looked something like:
10 PRINT "Don is cool"
20 GOTO 10

It only went downhill from there.

Hey look, I've got a blog


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GeneralNormalizing the contents of a dictionary Pin
Don Kackman9-Jan-10 8:14
MemberDon Kackman9-Jan-10 8:14 
GeneralMemories of VARIANT Pin
Don Kackman31-Dec-09 12:29
MemberDon Kackman31-Dec-09 12:29 
GeneralI like Lazy<T> Pin
Don Kackman24-Nov-09 12:43
MemberDon Kackman24-Nov-09 12:43 
Here's a nice little addition to .NET 4.0: formalization of the lazy loader pattern. A simple looking generic that takes a lamba function in its constructor that will get called on the first access to the Value property.

Take this code:

private CommandCollectionViewModel _menuCommands;

public CommandCollectionViewModel MenuCommands
          if(_menuCommands == null)
               _menuCommands = CreateCommands();

          return _menuCommands;
and replace it with this
private Lazy<CommandCollectionViewModel> _menuCommands;

public MainWindowViewModel()
      _menuCommands = new Lazy<CommandCollectionViewModel>(() => CreateCommands());

public CommandCollectionViewModel MenuCommands
          return _menuCommands.Value;
Cleans up the getters and puts member initialization in the constructor; which is a pattern I prefer.

10 PRINT Software is hard. - D Knuth
20 GOTO 10

modified on Monday, November 30, 2009 5:30 PM

GeneralHiking up the WPF Learning Curve Pin
Don Kackman20-Nov-09 15:05
MemberDon Kackman20-Nov-09 15:05 
GeneralCoalescing an enumerable list of nullable types Pin
Don Kackman18-Nov-09 8:28
MemberDon Kackman18-Nov-09 8:28 
GeneralExtension Methods Pin
Don Kackman30-Dec-08 10:24
MemberDon Kackman30-Dec-08 10:24 
NewsiPhoneUI Pin
Don Kackman28-Dec-08 5:04
MemberDon Kackman28-Dec-08 5:04 

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