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Doug Richards - Professional Profile


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Doug was born in Geelong, Australia which is 75 kms (45 miles) from Melbourne. He graduated from Deakin University in 1977 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

His first job was with the then government owned monoploy telephone company - Telstra. Work here was with the Telstra Research Laboratories developing software for a Gerber IDS-2 Interactive Graphics System. This system comprised a HP 2100A with 32K of core memory and a 2.5M hard disc.

Doug's next project at Telstra was an automated system for testing telephone lines. This system used a network of DEC PDP11s. The software was written in Oregon Pascal with an event driven structure. This early involvement in event driven structures proved to be an invaluable stepping stone into Windows programming some years latter.

In the IT contracting world Doug was involved in a project where the plan was to use DCOM for interprocess communications. This idea was latter squashed in favour of an asynchronous system. While Doug agreed with that decision, the seed of interest in COM as a means of communicating with Microsoft products was planted. After all, if you are writing an application with a word processing component, why not leverage off the word processing software that is probably already installed on the machine?

The birth of Doug's son coincided with a downturn in the IT industry in Australia. However, this was a great opportunity for Doug to spend quality time with the baby. In fact Doug was the parent that stayed home with the baby while mother went out to work.

In 2003 Doug completed a Graduate Diploma in Education at La Trobe University to become a qualified secondary school Mathematics and Physics teacher. Subsequent IT contracts have been with universities that seem to like employing qualified educators. One such contract was to add functionality to MSN Messenger.

Doug is currently working on the Dotric Station Blue series of model railway controllers.


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