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GeneralMy WordPress Blog Pin
Ed Nutting10-Jan-13 8:57
Ed Nutting10-Jan-13 8:57 
GeneralCode Project App V1.1.6 Pin
Ed Nutting2-Sep-12 1:07
Ed Nutting2-Sep-12 1:07 
GeneralCode Project App V1.1.4 Pin
Ed Nutting27-Aug-12 11:44
Ed Nutting27-Aug-12 11:44 
GeneralCode Project App V1.1.2 Pin
Ed Nutting26-Aug-12 10:48
Ed Nutting26-Aug-12 10:48 
GeneralCodeProject App V1.1 Pin
Ed Nutting25-Aug-12 15:55
Ed Nutting25-Aug-12 15:55 
NewsCode Project App V1.1 Pin
Ed Nutting25-Aug-12 12:04
Ed Nutting25-Aug-12 12:04 
Hi all,

So after releasing the first version of my Code Project App yesterday I am about to release V1.1. This update will include:
Bug fixes:
- URL Encoded searches properly
- Made article images load in proper order (they used to load from bottom to top)
- Some minor article processor fixes to stop failed displaying of some articles. (No longer trying to set Span on 0 length string).

Only current problem is that is dead/not working so I can't upload it just yet.

The full list of features is:
- Latest articles list
- View articles
- - Stores a "back-list" of articles
- - Cache's article text and images for offline reading
- - Can be refreshed to overwrite cache
- - Can open links to files and external links in the web browser for further viewing
- Search
- Stores a "back-list" of searches
- View account profiles
- - Under settings, set your Account Name to load your account details
- - Remembers previous points and tells you how many you've gained since last use
- - Includes viewing articles & tip/tricks
- Remembers tab from last use
- Custom font-size can be set
- Can disable rotation for just this app

To download the app and/or source code just go to: Smile | :) (When the site comes back online that is...)

I am going to continue to update this app regularly and if it becomes really good (or lots of people start helping out on it) I will then pay to upload it to the Android market as a free ad-less app Smile | :)

Hope you like it!

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