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Farzin Sotoodi - Professional Profile


Farzin Sotoodi Namin

Floor 1, Number 8, Alley Golsar 9, Resalat highway, Noor Sq., Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 21 406 6336
Fax: +98 21 871 6686
An active, well trained GIS programmer and consultant with high range of abilities in the job. Capable of working alone or as part of a group. Top group leadership skills and capable of managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. Highly flexible in the workplace and dedicated to achieve high standards.
Career History
Four years of experience in Geographic Information System (GIS), including GIS Project Management. The details include:
ط GIS Project for National Iranian Gas Co. (NIGC), including:
§ Systemic study and analysis of National Iranian Gas Co. (NIGC)
§ Graphical and explicit data model for National Iranian Gas Co. (NIGC)
§ Designing more than 40 application programs for National Iranian Gas Co. (NIGC)
§ Supervision on implementation of applications for National Iranian Gas Co. (NIGC), including:
1. Feasibility study and routing application for gas pipeline.
2. Potential gas consumption in the pipe line application
3. Mapping and explanation data management application

§ Emergency application designing for National Iranian Gas Co. (NIGC)
ط Site Selection
§ Supervision on the current maps vectorisation, such as:
1. Topographical Map
2. Geological Map
3. Hydrological Map
4. Demographical Map
5. Physiographical Map
§ Designing and implementation of dangerous waste material using GIS
§ Designing Algorithms
§ Site Selection to hide dangerous waste material
§ Implementation of the algorithms
§ On-site testing of the designed algorithms
ط Designing sea production chart procedure
§ Training relevant instructions of using GIS
§ Designing technical procedure to produce sea charts
§ Supervision and control of the process
ط Digital Geological Mapping
§ Supervision on the team vectorising the geological maps


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