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Isaac.lee has currently graduated from university, and now worked in a company which is a solution provider in telecommunication operation support system (OSS). He really learnt a lot from here and wish he can be professional someday...


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GeneralFocused Pin
IsaacLitingjun7-Jan-05 19:05
memberIsaacLitingjun7-Jan-05 19:05 
GeneralQuestion & Solution Pin
IsaacLitingjun13-Jan-05 20:42
memberIsaacLitingjun13-Jan-05 20:42 
General20050112 How to Access data of Doc in a thread Pin
IsaacLitingjun13-Jan-05 20:46
memberIsaacLitingjun13-Jan-05 20:46 
General20041229 A question about GetDlgItem Pin
IsaacLitingjun13-Jan-05 20:52
memberIsaacLitingjun13-Jan-05 20:52 
General20050218 How to create shared memory among processes Pin
IsaacLitingjun17-Feb-05 16:22
memberIsaacLitingjun17-Feb-05 16:22 
GeneralPeople i met on CP ... Pin
IsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 1:28
memberIsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 1:28 
Generalpeterchen Pin
IsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 1:44
memberIsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 1:44 
GeneralAamir Butt Pin
IsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 1:46
memberIsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 1:46 
GeneralK(arl) Pin
IsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 18:19
memberIsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 18:19 

Folding@home is a project from the Standford University. Your help would be appreciated. And it's free!

What does Folding@Home do?: Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases. We use novel computational methods and large scale distributed computing, to simulate timescales thousands to millions of times longer than previously achieved. This has allowed us to simulate folding for the first time, and to now direct our approach to examine folding related disease.
How can you help?: You can help our project by downloading and running our client software. Our algorithms are designed such that for every computer that joins the project, we get a commensurate increase in simulation speed.
Who "owns" the results? What will happen to them?: Unlike other distributed computing projects, Folding@home is run by an academic institution (specifically the Pande Group, at Stanford University's Chemistry Department), which is a nonprofit institution dedicated to science research and education. We will not sell the data or make any money off of it. Moreover, we will make the data available for others to use.In particular, the results from Folding@home will be made available on several levels. Most importantly, analysis of the simulations will be submitted to scientific journals for publication, and these journal articles will be posted on the web page after publication. Next, after publication of these scientific articles, the raw data of the folding runs will be available for everyone.

GeneralRahim Rattani Pin
IsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 18:32
memberIsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 18:32 
General*Dreamz Pin
IsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 18:38
memberIsaacLitingjun14-Jan-05 18:38 
GeneralShog9 Pin
IsaacLitingjun19-Jan-05 14:55
memberIsaacLitingjun19-Jan-05 14:55 
GeneralPJ Arends Pin
IsaacLitingjun30-Jan-05 17:29
memberIsaacLitingjun30-Jan-05 17:29 
GeneralThank God everyday (Adding...) Pin
5-Jan-05 14:32
suss5-Jan-05 14:32 
GeneralRe: Thank God everyday (Adding...) Pin
IsaacLitingjun12-Jul-05 22:30
memberIsaacLitingjun12-Jul-05 22:30 
GeneralRe: Thank God everyday (Adding...) Pin
IsaacLitingjun12-Jul-05 22:44
memberIsaacLitingjun12-Jul-05 22:44 
GeneralRe: Thank God everyday (Adding...) Pin
IsaacLitingjun13-Jul-05 1:33
memberIsaacLitingjun13-Jul-05 1:33 
GeneralRe: Thank God everyday (Adding...) Pin
IsaacLitingjun13-Jul-05 1:34
memberIsaacLitingjun13-Jul-05 1:34 
GeneralRe: Thank God everyday (Adding...) Pin
IsaacLitingjun19-Dec-05 16:54
memberIsaacLitingjun19-Dec-05 16:54 
GeneralCodeproject & Programming Tips: (adding...) Pin
30-Dec-04 19:39
suss30-Dec-04 19:39 
GeneralTrying Tools Pin
IsaacLitingjun4-Jan-05 20:14
memberIsaacLitingjun4-Jan-05 20:14 
GeneralSource code Pin
IsaacLitingjun4-Jan-05 20:16
memberIsaacLitingjun4-Jan-05 20:16 
GeneralRe: Source code Pin
IsaacLitingjun13-Jul-05 1:35
memberIsaacLitingjun13-Jul-05 1:35 
GeneralThank Rahim Rattani Pin
IsaacLitingjun30-Dec-04 19:18
memberIsaacLitingjun30-Dec-04 19:18 
GeneralQuestion & Solution: Pin
IsaacLitingjun30-Dec-04 19:21
memberIsaacLitingjun30-Dec-04 19:21 

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