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I am an engineer with a background in electronics, software and mathematics.

I develop technical software, both for embedded systems and for desktop equipment. This includes operating systems, communication software, local networks, image processing, machine control, automation, etc.

I have been using all kinds of microcontrollers and microprocessors (Intel 4004/8080/8051/80386/Pentium, Motorola 680x/680x0/ColdFire/PowerPC, Microchip PIC, Altera NIOS, and many more), lots of programming languages (all relevant assemblers, Fortran, Basic, C, Java, C#, and many more), and different operating systems (both proprietary and commercial).

For desktop applications and general development tools I have been using both UNIX systems and Mac/MacOS for many years, but I have switched to x86-based PCs with Windows, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework several years ago.

I specialize in:
- cross-platform development (making software that runs on diverse hardware/OS combinations)
- instruction set simulation
- improving software performance, i.e. making sure the software runs the job at hand in as short a time as possible on the given hardware. This entails algorithm selection, implementation design, accurate measurements, code optimisation, and sometimes implementing virtual machines, applying SIMD technology (such as MMX/SSE), and more.

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Answercode sniffer options for Q&A and T&T editor page Pin
Luc Pattyn29-May-11 3:42
professionalLuc Pattyn29-May-11 3:42 
GeneralRe: code sniffer options for Q&A and T&T editor page Pin
Chris Maunder28-Jul-11 9:24
adminChris Maunder28-Jul-11 9:24 
GeneralRe: code sniffer options for Q&A and T&T editor page Pin
Luc Pattyn28-Jul-11 11:35
professionalLuc Pattyn28-Jul-11 11:35 
GeneralRe: code sniffer options for Q&A and T&T editor page Pin
Chris Maunder28-Jul-11 14:53
adminChris Maunder28-Jul-11 14:53 
Generalfeedback on new search facilities [modified] Pin
Luc Pattyn7-Jan-11 1:47
professionalLuc Pattyn7-Jan-11 1:47 
GeneralRe: feedback on new search facilities Pin
Matthew@work11-Jan-11 15:38
adminMatthew@work11-Jan-11 15:38 
GeneralRe: feedback on new search facilities Pin
Chris Maunder8-Apr-11 9:42
adminChris Maunder8-Apr-11 9:42 
GeneralRe: feedback on new search facilities Pin
Luc Pattyn9-Apr-11 22:35
professionalLuc Pattyn9-Apr-11 22:35 
GeneralRe: feedback on new search facilities Pin
Chris Maunder20-Apr-11 3:01
adminChris Maunder20-Apr-11 3:01 
GeneralRe: feedback on new search facilities Pin
Luc Pattyn20-Apr-11 3:25
professionalLuc Pattyn20-Apr-11 3:25 
GeneralCP bugs [modified] Pin
Luc Pattyn25-Dec-10 7:43
professionalLuc Pattyn25-Dec-10 7:43 
Keeping track of some CP bugs I encountered. All entries have a unique ID; they are in no particular order. Bugs that have been solved will be removed.

My current top priority is: F112

#1# new text (11-JAN-2011) has been flagged #1#
#2# new text (20-JAN-2011) has been flagged #2#

easy: should be simple to fix
medium: needs some work
hard: probably needs major effort
swa: a simple work-around would improve the situation right away

SB: reported in Suggestions&Bugs forum


ID	Cat	Status		Description

A101	easy	SB 16-DEC-2010	Browse Code gives no indication which file is currently being watched
                           #1#  CP task #1917

A102	medium	SB 16-DEC-2010	Browse Code often cuts the viewed file short (doesn't occur on simple files)
                                solved 17-JAN-2011      

A103	easy	SB 16-DEC-2010	Browse Code shows gibberish for PNG files
                           #1#  Seems fixed


ID	Cat	Status		Description

T101	easy	SB 01-JAN-2011	There is an attempt to prevent multiple alternatives by the same author; it is a bad idea to forbid
				this as there could easily be two or more ways to do better than the original. And the attempt
				to prevent extra alternatives is flawed. Proof is

T102	easy	SB 01-JAN-2011	Alternatives aren't listed on the home page when the original is less than 3 hours old.
                                That is unfair as their value does not depend on the age of the original.
                                My two alternatives never showed on the home page, while another one added later did show.
                                I have a screenshot showing John's original and the third-party alternative, its all about


Forum messages

ID	Cat	Status		Description

F101	easy	SB 25-APR-2010	An HTML tag at the end of a line eats the next NewLine (reported many times)
                          #1#   CP task #1918
                          #2#   fixed ca 17-JAN-2011

F102	easy	SB 17-JUL-2010	Modifying a message several times, at larger than 5 minute intervals, makes the
				"Modified on..." message intrude in my (pretty full) sig. [See also F111]

F103	easy	SB 19-JUN-2010	First right-arrow on a freshly loaded forum page goes wrong
                          #1#   CP task #755

F104	easy	SB 03-JUN-2010	Exiting "View thread" mode should bring us back to the page where the trhead was, not to page 1.

F105	easy	SB 27-MAY-2010	When applying a style (bold, underline, ...) through a widget, if the selection ends on a space,
				that space should not be considered selected.

F106	medium	SB		Replies to the enquirer should default to type "Answer" no matter at what nesting level they are.
                          #1#   The replier can change it (e.g. to question) when appropriate, however "answer" is the
                          #1#   most likely content (Note: it is replies to the enquirer, not to just anybody) 

F107	easy	SB		The "Use HTML in this post" checkbox should apply to the message and not to the sig
                          #1#   Even when message and sig are stored together, this should be doable, as the edit page
                          #1#   knows how to tell them apart again.

F108	easy	SB		Smileys should not include spaces, i.e. a simple ":(" should be sufficient to get the sad smiley.
                          #1#   IMO this is most relevant for the sad smiley.
                          ***   sad smiley lost its space (13-JAN-2011)

F109	easy	SB		Tags that have been left open accidentally should automatically be closed at the end of a message
				(before the sig), so the sig never becomes part of say a PRE block

F110	easy	new		in forum messages like this one, hyperlinks don't work inside PRE blocks.
                          #1#   CP task #1919

F111	medium	SB		The "Modified on..." message uses Toronto time, which is confusing as everything else
				is using local time. IMO the message table should have a "Last modified on" field and
				use that, rather than storing a "Modified on..." sentence inside the message.

F112    medium  SB 11-JAN-2011  Bold is hardly noticeable inside a PRE block. Sometimes a question shows a nice snippet
                          #1#   and the message text claims to have a problem in the bold line, which I can hardly discern.
                                Not sure what a good solution would be (automatically also underline? blink? ...)

F113    easy    SB 11-JAN-2011  A thread starting question (or even any message in a thread), once it has gotten one or
                          #1#   more replies, should not offer a "remove" widget at all, or its function should be
                                altered so only " [removed]" gets added to the subject line, leaving the body intact,
                                rather than mutilate the entire thread. The non-leaf starting question could instead
                                offer a "thread is done" widget which appends " [done]" to the subject line, and no more.
                          #2#   partially dealt with


ID	Cat	Status		Description

V101	hard	SB		Colorizer sometimes gets confused by quotes, double quotes, empty strings
                           #1#  CP task #1895

V102	medium	SB		One cannot undo a vote (one can correct a vote, say replace 5 by 3, but that's about it;
				especially bad on a good/bad vote.)
                           #1#  suggestion: when already voted, don't show voting tools, just show the existing vote and
                           #1#  an "unvote/revote" widget which cancels the vote and brings back the voting tools.

V103	hard	SB		Search functionality is insufficient (#1# I know this is WIP)

more here[^]
V104	hard	SB 05-OCT-2010	There are discrepancies between rep numbers and rep graph (typically graph is a few points short)
				The difference vanishes on a recalculation, then shows up pretty soon, without changing much. 
                          #1#   Not quite fixed yet, I now have a 200 Author discrepancy.

Reputation (not necessarily bugs)

ID	Cat	Status		Description

R101	easy	SB		I still think "Post Comment" should not yield Participant points, Debator or Organizer yes,
				it just does not fit amongst the other participation actions.
                           #1#  irreconcilable differences

R102	easy	SB 17-OCT-2010	Give extra (participant) points for S&B posts (always? those added to TODO?)
                           #1#  If a new message type is used, make it the default there!
                           #1#  I would settle for a bonus factor (all S&B messages get an extra factor of say 5), not the votes!

R103	easy	SB 23-AUG-2010	Give extra (participant) points for approving an article

R104	easy	SB		FAQ does not explain which actions get points multiplied by some color weight factor.
                           #1#  Fixed, FAQ says "Points are weighted by voting member's level."
                           #1#  It might have been clearer by adding a  "* VW" in the numeric columns (VW=voter weight)
                           #1#  Well, not OK, neither of those specify which voter level matters.

And finally some suggestions (i.e. not bugs at all)

ID	Cat	Status		Description

S101	medium	SB		Improve site documentation (01-OCT-2010: what is a group?)
                           #1#  CP task #941

S102	easy	SB 21-SEP-2010	Show server name also at the top of every page (only to gold+; to get better bug reports)
                           #1#  Bottom only makes me scroll a lot of pages!

S103	medium	SB		provide CP web service

S104	medium	SB		add code sniffing to message editor (that is what I provided it for!)
                           #1#  CP task #1808 is merging both editors

S105	easy	SB 19-AUG-2010	provide widget for downloading a single file, and an entire zip, on the Browse Code tab

S106	medium	SB		more storage space for sig (say 1K char)

S107	medium	SB		accept IMG tags everywhere for CP-resident images, so platinums can use "My Uploads"
				to show some illustration in forum message or sig.
                           #1#  if you can't trust platinums, whom can you trust?

S108	hard	SB 28-JUN-2010	I don't like my tip/tricks being edited without getting a message from the editor explaining
				what has changed and why. And I rather get such message and do the edits myself.
                           #1#  CP task #1921 will send e-mail

S109	medium	new		Can't we avoid most layout problem reports by renaming dependent files on an update,
				hence forcing them being downloaded. I know that makes it a bit trickier for your source control,
				however that must be solvable in a transparent way (e.g. copying their history)

S110	medium	SB 24-MAR-2010	Article Wizard suggestions

see here[^]
                           #1#  CP task #1103

S111	medium	SB		Actions that are only available for members with sufficient rep (e.g. edit tip) should be
				visible but disabled for members not having the privilege, but with a tooltip explaining
				what the feature would do and what would be required to get it enabled.
                           #1#  A specific idea: add a help mode to the site, toggled on/off by the click of a button. 
                           #1#  Off = the page does what it does now; on would give tooltips for most buttons/widgets/etc 
                           #1#  with comprehensive text (both a short telex style, and full sentences giving all details)

Smile | :)

PS: If and when comments were posted in response, I would read, process and probably delete them.
Luc Pattyn [Forum Guidelines] [Why QA sucks] [My Articles] Nil Volentibus Arduum
Season's Greetings to all CPians.
modified on Thursday, January 20, 2011 1:59 PM

GeneralRe: CP bugs Pin
Chris Maunder9-Jan-11 21:23
adminChris Maunder9-Jan-11 21:23 
GeneralRe: CP bugs Pin
Luc Pattyn10-Jan-11 17:23
professionalLuc Pattyn10-Jan-11 17:23 
NewsCP Web Service Proposal Pin
Luc Pattyn26-Sep-10 15:40
professionalLuc Pattyn26-Sep-10 15:40 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
Chris Maunder3-Oct-10 16:14
adminChris Maunder3-Oct-10 16:14 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
Luc Pattyn3-Oct-10 16:32
professionalLuc Pattyn3-Oct-10 16:32 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
PIEBALDconsult3-Oct-10 16:29
protectorPIEBALDconsult3-Oct-10 16:29 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
Luc Pattyn3-Oct-10 16:36
professionalLuc Pattyn3-Oct-10 16:36 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
PIEBALDconsult3-Oct-10 17:13
protectorPIEBALDconsult3-Oct-10 17:13 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
PIEBALDconsult13-Oct-10 17:47
protectorPIEBALDconsult13-Oct-10 17:47 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
Luc Pattyn13-Oct-10 17:52
professionalLuc Pattyn13-Oct-10 17:52 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
DaveAuld4-Oct-10 10:04
protectorDaveAuld4-Oct-10 10:04 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
Luc Pattyn4-Oct-10 10:22
professionalLuc Pattyn4-Oct-10 10:22 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
#realJSOP4-Oct-10 12:51
mve#realJSOP4-Oct-10 12:51 
GeneralRe: CP Web Service Proposal Pin
Luc Pattyn4-Oct-10 13:13
professionalLuc Pattyn4-Oct-10 13:13 

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