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Working with Oracle. Using C/C++, VC++, MFC, STL, C#, Java etc. on various platform like Windows, Unix, Macintosh etc. from last 13+ years to convert various type of requirements into running software components. My core expertise is multithreaded desktop product and large scale enterprises software development.


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GeneralSQL date Format expression Pin
Manish K. Agarwal17-Feb-14 3:26
memberManish K. Agarwal17-Feb-14 3:26 
GeneralJava RegEx to Normalize OS File Separator Char Pin
Manish K. Agarwal17-Feb-14 3:14
memberManish K. Agarwal17-Feb-14 3:14 
Generallocale setting Pin
Manish K. Agarwal3-Nov-10 21:53
memberManish K. Agarwal3-Nov-10 21:53 
GeneralWildcard pattern matching Pin
Manish K. Agarwal8-Jul-10 23:05
memberManish K. Agarwal8-Jul-10 23:05 
Algo for wildcard base search.

BOOL CheckPattern(LPTSTR pattern, LPTSTR str)
   LPTSTR pStrCurPos = NULL;
   LPTSTR pPatCurPos = NULL;
   LPTSTR pStrMatchPos =  NULL;
   LPTSTR pPatMatchPos = NULL;
   BOOL fIsAsterisk  = FALSE;

   pStrMatchPos = pStrCurPos = str;
   pPatMatchPos = pPatCurPos = pattern;

   while (*pStrCurPos != '\0')
      if (*pPatCurPos == _T('*'))
         fIsAsterisk = TRUE;

         // Set matched string to cur position
         pStrMatchPos = pStrCurPos;

         // Move to the next position in the pattern
         pPatMatchPos = ++pPatCurPos;

         if (*pPatMatchPos == '\0')
            return TRUE;

      else if (*pPatCurPos == _T('?'))
        // do nothing just move to next char
      else if (*pStrCurPos != *pPatCurPos)
         if (fIsAsterisk == FALSE)
             // Not processing wildcard
            return FALSE;

         // Move to next position in String
         pStrCurPos = ++pStrMatchPos;

         // Reset pattern in matched position
         pPatCurPos = pPatMatchPos;


      // Move current position forward
   } // while

   if (*pPatCurPos == _T('*'))

   return (*pPatCurPos == _T('\0'));

Manish Agarwal
manish.k.agarwal @ gmail DOT com

GeneralRemote Debugging: Quick Steps Pin
Manish K. Agarwal19-Jun-09 2:07
memberManish K. Agarwal19-Jun-09 2:07 
GeneralRe: Remote Debugging: Quick Steps Pin
TejaSingh8-Jul-09 21:05
memberTejaSingh8-Jul-09 21:05 
GeneralAnother C++ Singleton pattern implementation Pin
Manish K. Agarwal7-Apr-09 20:21
memberManish K. Agarwal7-Apr-09 20:21 
Generalsprintf_s on UNIX / Mac Pin
Manish K. Agarwal21-Nov-08 0:42
memberManish K. Agarwal21-Nov-08 0:42 
GeneralActivation Codes Pin
Manish K. Agarwal24-Nov-05 19:55
memberManish K. Agarwal24-Nov-05 19:55 

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