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Just another hack, who manages to take care of issues that would otherwise go unsolved. Smile | :)



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GeneralSpring Time Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-06 5:18
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-06 5:18 
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S Douglas18-Feb-06 17:56
professionalS Douglas18-Feb-06 17:56 
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S Douglas1-Feb-06 23:30
professionalS Douglas1-Feb-06 23:30 
GeneralMore VS2005 Junk Pin
S Douglas31-Jan-06 23:30
professionalS Douglas31-Jan-06 23:30 
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S Douglas28-Jan-06 0:56
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S Douglas24-Jan-06 20:14
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S Douglas24-Jan-06 19:43
professionalS Douglas24-Jan-06 19:43 
GeneralVS2005 Pin
S Douglas24-Jan-06 19:32
professionalS Douglas24-Jan-06 19:32 
I got a copy of VS2005 Standard edition for attending the MS Visual Studio Launch party a few months ago. Well I'm finally getting around to writing something with it.

I'm tired of both Win Amp and Media player. Neither one of them have the one feature I really want. Which is a Queue; I really wanted an MP3 player that would work just like an old Juke box. Nothing terrible special so I figured that would be a decent little app to cut my teeth with VS2005. Under development MP3Caddy[^]

All I have to say is I'm very disappointed with VS2005; it’s taken a couple of steps back from VS6. About the only things they added to it for MFC C++ developers are a prettier interface.

What I dislike

  1. Adding / Managing Message maps in VS2005 is a joke. Why should I always have to go back and open the dialog / form to add a message map when I used to be able to do it from right clicking on the class it self?
  2. Where is the darn Class Wizard? The class wizard was a great way to manage variables. Why didn’t they improve upon its design instead of just nixing it
  3. It seems that the new tool for adding variables / member functions needs a lot of work, first it occasionally flakes out doest care what I choose for scope it adds it as something completely different. What’s even worse is when it does add the new item it creates a new protected, private, public label (I cant seem to recall the correct term for the scope operator so label will have to suffice) for it. Why not put the new variable / function in an existing label?
  4. Could the warning messages from the complier get any vaguer?
  5. The MSDN just flat out sucks! I like the UI, even though it’s slow as molasses in February.
  6. Macros, ugg I can’t seem to figure out how to record a macro (a non temporary one) I have little macro I use for adding comments, it formats them just the way I like. No more I guess.
  7. Release versions, sigh; don’t get me started. So in order to save end users from DLL hell we put developers through install hell. I just don’t get it, and I haven’t found anything that clues me it to the magic of creating installer packages. Well at least with distributing the MFC8.0 I can run my apps on Windows 2000 without a problem.
  8. Intelisence just sucks now, its more useless than the VS6 version. I wonder if Whole Tomato will make a version of their Intelisence for VS2005 for us C++ developers.
  9. Why is the code snippet library only available for C# and VB.NET?
  10. Why on earth can’t I double click on the very top title bar and have it switch from maximized / restore? Come on VS team take a look at the Windows UI standards.
  11. I better stop now before you get the opinion I hate VS2005, maybe I need to learn C# in order to better understand what is so great about VS2005.

What I like.

  1. The STL compiles without tons of warning messages.
  2. The complier is a lot stricter about what it accepts and its warning are more verbose.
  3. The tabbed interface.
  4. Auto hiding tool bars, even though they can be a royal pain. It’s still a nice feature.

If I find more I like / dislike about VS2005 I will try and update this. I'm sure others have a longer list of like / dislikes and they are probably in a better position to complain. I just needed to vent a little.

Why oh why can’t I drag a class onto the current document and have VS just figure out I want to use that as a member, and provide me a little input box to type in a name for it. Have VS do the necessary include and add it as a member variable. Now that would help (at least me).

I need a new sig, got one handy?

-- modified at 2:09 Thursday 26th January, 2006
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