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Just another hack, who manages to take care of issues that would otherwise go unsolved. Smile | :)



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GeneralSQL Server Errors Pin
S Douglas27-Oct-10 4:40
professionalS Douglas27-Oct-10 4:40 
GeneralRe: SQL Server Errors Pin
S Douglas6-Jul-11 11:16
professionalS Douglas6-Jul-11 11:16 
GeneralSSAS - Processing Error Pin
S Douglas22-Oct-10 20:58
professionalS Douglas22-Oct-10 20:58 
GeneralRandom bits of SQL Pin
S Douglas24-Sep-10 4:12
professionalS Douglas24-Sep-10 4:12 
GeneralRandom bits of SQL Pin
S Douglas24-Sep-10 4:10
professionalS Douglas24-Sep-10 4:10 
GeneralRandom bits of SQL [modified] Pin
S Douglas23-Sep-10 11:52
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GeneralTSQL Case statement Pin
S Douglas23-Sep-10 11:26
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General(6 years, 2 months) Pin
S Douglas9-May-10 21:03
professionalS Douglas9-May-10 21:03 
GeneralSSAS Backups Followup Pin
S Douglas1-Jul-09 18:23
professionalS Douglas1-Jul-09 18:23 
GeneralCatch up.... [modified] Pin
S Douglas29-Jun-09 8:26
professionalS Douglas29-Jun-09 8:26 
GeneralSSAS Backups Pin
S Douglas27-Apr-09 4:07
professionalS Douglas27-Apr-09 4:07 
GeneralRandom Junk Pin
S Douglas25-Apr-09 21:17
professionalS Douglas25-Apr-09 21:17 
GeneralSSAS Best practices Pin
S Douglas24-Apr-09 3:57
professionalS Douglas24-Apr-09 3:57 
GeneralSSRS... Pin
S Douglas20-Apr-09 10:44
professionalS Douglas20-Apr-09 10:44 
GeneralSSAS... Pin
S Douglas2-Apr-09 17:59
professionalS Douglas2-Apr-09 17:59 
GeneralSSAS from the trenches Cont... Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-09 18:33
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-09 18:33 
GeneralSSAS from the trenches (Cont...) Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-09 18:07
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-09 18:07 
GeneralSSAS from the trenches Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-09 17:52
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-09 17:52 
GeneralCode formatting Pin
S Douglas23-Jan-09 19:18
professionalS Douglas23-Jan-09 19:18 
GeneralRe: Code formatting Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 9:16
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 9:16 
GeneralRe: Code formatting Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 9:20
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 9:20 
GeneralWhats happening Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 13:13
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 13:13 
Okay so I can’t wait until the bug is fixed, so I’m just going to reuse another post.

A lot has happened in since my last posting here. For the last year and a half, I’ve been insanely busy with work. Actually, I’ve been so busy it doesn’t even feel like that long. As I previously posted, I got hired on as a Data Analyst, working with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). As it turns out of course there is more to the job than just my cubes, the guy who is responsible for the integration services portion of the data warehouse, seems to know less than I do and he’s been involved in data warehousing for far longer than I’ve really know of the concept. We have a part-timer who handle the report creation and maintenance who is a good egg.

If you don’t know what a data warehouse is, simple it’s nothing more than a relational database that has been demoralized with the data in it pre-aggraded. I wont carry on and on about what a Data warehouse is, much less SSAS (at least not right now) as there is a ton of information about the concepts involved out on the internet. Suffice it to say, there is some really cool sh*t involved here that should keep me entertained for a long time.

Couple of primer websites if you’re interested.[^][^]

I didn’t just come here to brag about the new job, but comment about a few other things. For one, I just built a new computer.
Intel quad duo, 12m l2 cache
8 gig ram (1066)
600 gig drive
Dual dvi 512meg video card
(2) 20” Acer LCDs

There’s a lot of horse power packed into this little machine. I plan on using as a test bed for working with SSAS once I finish installing all of the stuff I will need on it (thank goodness for my MSDN subscription, a freebie from work; woot). I was sitting here today trying to figure out a nice setup for my work laptop plus my home machine and the two monitors. When it dawned on me I really need one of the LCDs attached to the work laptop because its 15” screen sucks (actually it’s nice, but it’s tiny compared to the 20s). Now having two keyboards and mice setup for the two setups would be unbearable.

The solution?
I experimented with Synergy several years ago when it was in its infancy. Didn’t really need it back then and a KVM was just fine for what I was doing then anyways. Plus it was rather unstable. A lot of time has passed and my needs have changed so I went back to it. Wow, install and config was a breeze, and it just works the way I want it to. So here I sit typing on my computer while my laptop sits up connected to my workstation at work with outlook open. Just moving the mouse I can flip between the two machines. This is really the cat’s ass.

Link to Synergy[^]

On a personal note, an ex-girlfriend of mine texted me today requesting assistance moving out of her boyfriend’s house. Now I don’t know what the deal is with those two people, I do know though for sure, that woman has a certain control over me that no one else could possible imagine. No matter how much time passes or who I’m with, I still get all gaga over her every time we talk. She wants to get together sometime this week and chat. Don’t know for sure what that means, but I’m all out of my usual sorts because of it. Women sigh

Well, if you read this entire post, then I feel sorry for you. Just a lot of stuff I wanted to dump out heck, there is even more that I haven’t yet but want to in some form or another. I’m working with some really cool technology at work, home life is pretty decent now if I could just find the energy to clean my apartment.

Common sense is admitting there is cause and effect and that you can exert some control over what you understand.

GeneralHEHE Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 13:15
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 13:15 
GeneralMap printer, vbscript Pin
S Douglas23-Jan-09 19:11
professionalS Douglas23-Jan-09 19:11 
GeneralDelete files, vbscript Pin
S Douglas23-Jan-09 19:07
professionalS Douglas23-Jan-09 19:07 

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