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Just another hack, who manages to take care of issues that would otherwise go unsolved. Smile | :)



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GeneralSQL Server Errors Pin
S Douglas27-Oct-10 4:40
professionalS Douglas27-Oct-10 4:40 
GeneralRe: SQL Server Errors Pin
S Douglas6-Jul-11 11:16
professionalS Douglas6-Jul-11 11:16 
GeneralSSAS - Processing Error Pin
S Douglas22-Oct-10 20:58
professionalS Douglas22-Oct-10 20:58 
GeneralRandom bits of SQL Pin
S Douglas24-Sep-10 4:12
professionalS Douglas24-Sep-10 4:12 
GeneralRandom bits of SQL Pin
S Douglas24-Sep-10 4:10
professionalS Douglas24-Sep-10 4:10 
GeneralRandom bits of SQL [modified] Pin
S Douglas23-Sep-10 11:52
professionalS Douglas23-Sep-10 11:52 
GeneralTSQL Case statement Pin
S Douglas23-Sep-10 11:26
professionalS Douglas23-Sep-10 11:26 
General(6 years, 2 months) Pin
S Douglas9-May-10 21:03
professionalS Douglas9-May-10 21:03 
GeneralSSAS Backups Followup Pin
S Douglas1-Jul-09 18:23
professionalS Douglas1-Jul-09 18:23 
GeneralCatch up.... [modified] Pin
S Douglas29-Jun-09 8:26
professionalS Douglas29-Jun-09 8:26 
GeneralSSAS Backups Pin
S Douglas27-Apr-09 4:07
professionalS Douglas27-Apr-09 4:07 
GeneralRandom Junk Pin
S Douglas25-Apr-09 21:17
professionalS Douglas25-Apr-09 21:17 
GeneralSSAS Best practices Pin
S Douglas24-Apr-09 3:57
professionalS Douglas24-Apr-09 3:57 
GeneralSSRS... Pin
S Douglas20-Apr-09 10:44
professionalS Douglas20-Apr-09 10:44 
GeneralSSAS... Pin
S Douglas2-Apr-09 17:59
professionalS Douglas2-Apr-09 17:59 
GeneralSSAS from the trenches Cont... Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-09 18:33
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-09 18:33 
Another long story, I will try and keep it brief because I see my last batch job finished and I would really like to get some sleep.
Pesky Users, they actually want to view the data...

Last week, we prepped for a calculated member change. The change came down from high above signed off on and was deemed important enough that Change Management would have to wait. So with that in mind we checked, and double checked the code. Made sure everything looked good, then I closed my laptop for the day to drive home (I have a laptop that I carry around and connect to my workstation at my cube where I do all of my work from). When I got home I dutifully logged in and checked everything again, then had some chow. At the assigned time, I tried pushing my changes. Only to find Visual Studio BI had decided that it didn't want to push my changes back out to the server, but my local machine. Fine be like that (more on this later) so I change VS to point back to the Server, and try the Push again. Nope, Nada, this time it's forgotten the impersonation password. Ugg! That's kept in a secure place in the office! Here I am thinking sh*t I'm going to have to call my co-worker and have him meet me at the office so we can get the Password. Thankfully, he's had this particular issue so many times he's flat remembered the password. So as I'm wiping the sweat off my brow I make the push, low and behold it takes. No errors, Sweet! I rejoiced finally. Just to be sure everything is fine, I check ProClarity, hey look at that, the change is there. Time for more important things (xbox Smile | :) )

Come next morning, bright and early after I send the email giving the thumbs up to start hitting the cubes, I start getting reports that no one can view the Cubes. Weird, open ProClarity, double check, yup the Cubes are there. Call the user back (one of our super users who doesn't cry foul unless there is indeed something wrong). She reports that indeed no cubes are present. I had her do some basic troubleshooting. Nope no change. Hmpft. WTF.

Call my coworker, he thinks the password got borked, time to fetch a clean copy of the cubes and re-push them with the password. No change.
Several hours go by, trying everything imaginable....

My coworker looks over at me and says hey pull open the "roles" object. What permissions are there on the server? WTF, none of the roles have any permissions....Somewhere along the line VS decided cubes don't need permissions and yanked them out. WTF!!!!! So I updated the permissions, called a user, have her log in and everything is up.

I've used Visual Studio for years and years; in that time I have learned that there are little quarks here and there that you have to live with. It's just part of life. However, when you add the Business Intelligence add-ons, you're in for a whole new world of hurt. VS is even flakier than ever. Things like the above issues plus more honestly it's enough to make me start hating VS. I will grant you, the two words Business and Intelligence should probably never been used in the same sentence but this is insane.
If you ever find yourself in a position where the users cannot view the cubes check the roles object, it's likely the users have lost permissions.

Common sense is admitting there is cause and effect and that you can exert some control over what you understand.

GeneralSSAS from the trenches (Cont...) Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-09 18:07
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-09 18:07 
GeneralSSAS from the trenches Pin
S Douglas11-Mar-09 17:52
professionalS Douglas11-Mar-09 17:52 
GeneralCode formatting Pin
S Douglas23-Jan-09 19:18
professionalS Douglas23-Jan-09 19:18 
GeneralRe: Code formatting Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 9:16
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 9:16 
GeneralRe: Code formatting Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 9:20
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 9:20 
GeneralWhats happening Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 13:13
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 13:13 
GeneralHEHE Pin
S Douglas21-Feb-09 13:15
professionalS Douglas21-Feb-09 13:15 
GeneralMap printer, vbscript Pin
S Douglas23-Jan-09 19:11
professionalS Douglas23-Jan-09 19:11 
GeneralDelete files, vbscript Pin
S Douglas23-Jan-09 19:07
professionalS Douglas23-Jan-09 19:07 

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