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GeneralWebresource.axd or WebForm_PostBackOptions undefined problem Pin
S Sansanwal17-Oct-06 17:02
memberS Sansanwal17-Oct-06 17:02 
GeneralRe: connecting MS access database to vb combo box and list box Pin
Tyrone888824-Feb-07 6:14
memberTyrone888824-Feb-07 6:14 
GeneralSelectALL in Compact Framework Pin
S Sansanwal2-May-06 11:52
memberS Sansanwal2-May-06 11:52 
GeneralConverting HTML text to Word Pin
S Sansanwal1-Feb-06 16:23
memberS Sansanwal1-Feb-06 16:23 
The easiest way is to copy html text to clipboard and save to word.
But when you copy an html to clipboard using copy or cut, windows add initial lines which indicates
start and end of HTML, Selection and Fragment. So, to handle this we need to
create text to be copied into compatble to above requirement

The code for this is

            // Save text into clipboard<br />
            Object m = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;<br />
            DataObject clipDO = new DataObject();<br />
            // Convert into HTML with all tags before adding to clipboard<br />
            clipDO.SetData(DataFormats.Html, HtmlClipboardData(strHTML));<br />
            Clipboard.SetDataObject(clipDO, true); // Save to clipbaord<br />
<br />
            object typeHtml = (object)Word.WdPasteDataType.wdPasteHTML;<br />
            // Save from clipbaord to word<br />
// Here s is word selection<br />
            s.PasteSpecial(ref m, ref m, ref m, ref m, ref typeHtml, ref m, ref m);

Now, convert normal html text to clipboard one.

/// <summary>
/// Convert to proper html like
/// Version:1.0
/// <param name="html" />
/// <returns>
       private static string HtmlClipboardData(string html)<br />
        {<br />
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();<br />
            Encoding encoding = Encoding.UTF8;<br />
            string Header = @"<br />
        Version: 1.0<br />
        StartHTML: {0:000000}<br />
        EndHTML: {1:000000}<br />
        StartFragment: {2:000000}<br />
        EndFragment: {3:000000}<br />
        ";<br />
            string HtmlPrefix = @"<br />
        <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN""><br />
        <html><br />
        <head><br />
        <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content=""text/html; charset={0}""><br />
        </head><br />
        <body><br />
        <!--StartFragment--><br />
        ";<br />
            HtmlPrefix = string.Format(HtmlPrefix, encoding.WebName);<br />
<br />
            string HtmlSuffix = @"<br />
        <!--EndFragment--><br />
        </body><br />
        </html><br />
        ";<br />
<br />
            // Get lengths of chunks<br />
            int HeaderLength = encoding.GetByteCount(Header);<br />
            HeaderLength -= 16; // extra formatting characters {0:000000}<br />
            int PrefixLength = encoding.GetByteCount(HtmlPrefix);<br />
            int HtmlLength = encoding.GetByteCount(html);<br />
            int SuffixLength = encoding.GetByteCount(HtmlSuffix);<br />
<br />
            // Determine locations of chunks<br />
            int StartHtml = HeaderLength;<br />
            int StartFragment = StartHtml + PrefixLength;<br />
            int EndFragment = StartFragment + HtmlLength;<br />
            int EndHtml = EndFragment + SuffixLength;<br />
<br />
            // Build the data<br />
            sb.AppendFormat(Header, StartHtml, EndHtml, StartFragment, EndFragment);<br />
            sb.Append(HtmlPrefix);<br />
            sb.Append(html);<br />
            sb.Append(HtmlSuffix);<br />
<br />
            //Console.WriteLine(sb.ToString());<br />
            return sb.ToString();<br />

Sanjay Sansanwal
GeneralPostback in WebControl PinPopular
S Sansanwal18-May-05 12:25
memberS Sansanwal18-May-05 12:25 

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