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GeneralSending email in .net Pin
SShoiab23-May-07 6:06
MemberSShoiab23-May-07 6:06 
Hi everybody....I need help. I am writing code to read the controls on the form and send email where first 2 controls goes in TO and From and rest controls goes in the body of the email.

The following function at is working and dispalying the labels and text of the control on the form.So the code is reading and displaying controls on the form…All I need is to send that info in email now.
The only problem I am facing how to send that information in email like first control goes in TO, 2nd as FROM and the rest in the body….by calling the send email function…….thanks for ur help….plz reply me at ur earliest convenience.

Here is the code: How can I call the sendemail function in DisplyDetails to send the controls text info in email

private void DisplyDetails(Control control)


foreach (Control controls in this.form1.Controls)


string controlId = controls.ID;



Type controlType = controls.GetType();

PropertyInfo[] properties = controlType.GetProperties();

foreach (PropertyInfo controlProperty in properties)


if (controlProperty.Name == "Text" &&

controlProperty.PropertyType == typeof(String))


string propertyValue = GetPropertyValue(controlProperty.Name, controls);









private string GetPropertyValue(string pName, Control control)


Type type = control.GetType();

string propertyName = pName;

BindingFlags flags = BindingFlags.GetProperty;

Binder binder = null;

object[] args = null;

object value = type.InvokeMember(propertyName, flags, binder, control, args);

return value.ToString();


private void SendmMail()


MailMessage mail = new MailMessage();

mail.From =; // put the from address here

mail.To =; // put to address here

mail.Body =

// put body of email here

SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""; // put smtp server you will use here

// and then send the mail


FromMail.Text = "";

ToMail.Text = "";

txtMessage.Text = "";

txtSubject.Text = "";

Response.Write("your email has been sent successfully");


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