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I discovered programming aged 11 with my school's BBC micro, and a book titled "Write your own space action games". (Their ideas of "space action" games were very different to mine. My ideas didn't include a bunch of * signs controlled via a text based menu)

I got hooked on VB for a while (mainly because I discovered I could replace the * signs with .bmp files) until someone pointed out the wonderful world of objects and Java. I also went thought a c++ phase.

I've now been a professional developer for 5 years.

My current language of choice is C#. I spend my free time playing with XNA and microcontrollers.
31 Dec 2008 CodeProject MVP 2009


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GeneralLinux - Trying out KDE Pin
Simon P Stevens13-Apr-09 22:32
Simon P Stevens13-Apr-09 22:32 
GeneralRe: Linux - Trying out KDE Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian22-Jun-09 8:51
professionalRajesh R Subramanian22-Jun-09 8:51 
GeneralRe: Linux - Trying out KDE Pin
Simon P Stevens23-Jun-09 23:45
Simon P Stevens23-Jun-09 23:45 
GeneralMe & my Linux Pin
Simon P Stevens15-Sep-08 22:55
Simon P Stevens15-Sep-08 22:55 
[I'm collecting my Linux related posts here. See here[^] for the original post & discussion.]

A few weeks ago I decided to try out Ubuntu as my primary OS at home. As a bit of a Linux newbie I'm writing occasional posts on my experiences and difficulties in adopting Linux. (Part 1[^] Part2[^])

It's now been 5 weeks since I installed Ubuntu (admittedly, I was on holiday for 2 and a half of them), and it's all going very well. I've managed to extract some music from CD, write audio CD's and data DVD's, play audio (currently using audacious as an audio player) including WMA files, watch a DVD, edit an MP3 to remove some gaps, read PDFs, write a letter, and touch up some photos. Nothing has been particularly tricky, and I haven't had to compile any apps yet before I can use them. Linux has come quite a long way since I last tried to use it a few years ago. Ubuntu really does it's best to be a usable desktop OS. It's certainly not quite ready for the general user yet, but it's getting a lot closer.

I've only really come across a few minor issues. The CD extractor I used only allowed you to edit MP3 quality settings by editing the command line. OK for me, but not great for non-tech users. Also, the window manager seems to frequently place newly opened windows with the title bar off the top of the screen which is a bit annoying. I've had the occasional unintelligible error message, for example, the update manger spewed out some weird error and failed, and it took me a few retries before I realised that I'd not turned my router on. A nice little "network trouble" message could have saved me 5 minutes.

There's one or two little touches I really like. If you are doing some file organisation and initiate several long running file copies/moves, it sticks all the progress bars together in one dialog titled "File operations". This is really nice, saves screen and task bar space and makes managing the operations really simple.

All my USB sticks, card reader and PSP work fine when connected. They appear as drives on the desktop within about 5 seconds of being plugged in. Weirdly though my camera doesn't. Not a major problem as I generally use my card reader anyway, but one that a non-tech user might stumble over.

The Compiz 3d effects are cool, but pretty pointless, so that's all been turned off already.

I did have to install the Ubuntu "restricted extras" pack to get a flash player working for sites like

The important thing so far is that there is nothing that makes me miss windows. I'm quite happy for now in Linux, and I've managed to do all of my every day stuff without any problems. It doesn't always look as polished as Windows, but who cares as long as it does the job.


GeneralAn update from Linux-land Pin
Simon P Stevens8-Sep-08 1:17
Simon P Stevens8-Sep-08 1:17 
GeneralLinux - How long will it last. Pin
Simon P Stevens8-Sep-08 1:13
Simon P Stevens8-Sep-08 1:13 

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