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Tim Brooks - Professional Profile


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Tim lives in sunny Tacoma, WA with a panamoric view of Mt. Rainier in his backyard. (Ok, the sunny part was an exaggeration).
Tim started programming in 1981 using BASIC on a mini-frame on, really, punch cards, TTYs and paper tape. He graduated from the Naval Academy with an English and general engineering degree in 1991, and went on to become a Marine Corps Communications Officer where he administed a Novell/Banyan Vines (remember them?) network and did Perl and HTML scripting on the side.

Since then, he's gone on to teach himself first VBA, C#, Windows, MFC and WTL programming - he also likes swimming against the tide! Tim has developed numerous, mostly ASP/ASP.Net applications for companies he's worked for as well as for family and friends. He's also developed personal tools using MFC, WTL and ATL. He loves the breadth of .Net but also continues to see a future for MFC and WTL as long as people need to build small(er) and fast(er) applications.

His current development passion is embedded programming on constrained devices (mostly PocketPC and Smartphone).

He is also crazy about his wife, step son and dogs; enjoys snowboarding, bike riding, and the occasional Xbox360 game. He speaks enough German to pass as a Czech tourist. And he thinks Mike Blaszczak's "Professional MFC with Visual C++ 6" is the best programming book ever written!


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