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Bgo Entertainment Slots Bgo Entertainment
You've seen the TV ads with Verne Troyer and Paris Hilton facing off over the roulette table. But bgo is more than just a slick ad campaign; it's the home of some of the smartest gambling software on the net.

While the firm is best-known for bgo online casino and bgo Bingo, it also has several in-house slots to its name. But in addition to the fantastic selection of games that they have to offer, there are many other things that have helped bgo reach the heights that it has in the gambling industry, which we’ll do our best to go over as you continue reading through our complete review below.

About bgo
Privately-owned and based in Alderney, bgo launched in the UK in 2012 to provide slots, bingo and casino games to the mass market online. Alexander Holt and Richard Skelhorn had come from an affiliate background, running Mandalay Media for a few years before forming bgo to consolidate their many interests.

It wasn't until 2009 that the pair moved from super-affiliate to operator, providing bingo software for sites like and Investments in software followed, and bgo itself launched in 2012.

Through some nifty software developments, plus an ad campaign that quickly attracted attention, the firm joined forces with rival giant, Playtech, in 2014. Sites like bgo Casino now use Playtech software as well as its own proprietary games.

Meanwhile, bgo Bingo, licensed in Alderney, opened as an award-winning site that offers online bingo and jackpot games, while bgo Vegas offers slots from a range of leading manufacturers. Intertain Group Ltd bought up Mandalay's existing bingo sites, and bgo went it alone.

Aggressive marketing campaigns came to fruition after the firm employed Austin Powers star, Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer to front the TV adverts. Further acquisitions in the form of playboy Dan Bilzerian and - in 2015 - reality star and heiress Paris Hilton further cemented bgo as



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