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Aditya Rajendra Patil - Professional Profile


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Aditya was a Microsoft #YouthSpark Advocate, Microsoft Student Partner, Entrepreneur, Developer, UX Designer, Innovator, former Windows U Crew & National App Review Member and a good speaker in various Events.

He received several Awards during his professional career for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. He received Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2014 People Choice Award for idea DietAlarm, as well his team is awarded as India's Best Enterprise Developer Team by Digit. He also won the Vodafone appStar challenge in Windows Category and many more MSP awards from Microsoft, & many Developer devices to test apps by Marmalade and Microsoft.

He completed his graduation in Information Technology branch as Bachelor of Engineering and now looking for Management study as post graduation in Business design, so I may get all management skills to run any business or get the designation in any industry at Board of Directors.

Aditya also has a technical expertise in coding standards, usability, UX & UI design, OOPs and refactoring of code. He has good hands on experience in .NET, C#, XAML. During his off-time, he built and published many applications in Windows Phone Store and Windows 8 Store. Which have 75000+ downloads over both stores.

Contact Details: | +91 8600305712 | Twitter: @aditypa



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