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Andreas Michael Kreuzer - Professional Profile


My name is Andreas Michael Kreuzer and I was born in a small town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. My 'coding career' started around 1989 on a CPC 6128. I got involved with coding the first time by actually copying code from books or magazines to the CPC to get computer games running. Also, I started to love mathematics about the same time.

After finishing school and doing my military service I started to study computer science as a major at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Later on I added also mathematics as a major and finally graduated in both computer science and mathematics. Then - while already working - I participated in an additional program at the German Graduate School of Management and Law in Heilbronn, Germany and got an additional master in business law. Basically, I was fascinated in the fact how much the work of a mathematician and a jurist coincide.

I started to work as a software developer after graduating in Karlsruhe and I am doing this for almost eight years now. After being engaged with different companies I got self-employed and work as a freelancer since beginning of 2016. My main focus is on the C/C++ and C# development.

In my spare time I enjoy jogging, juggling, hiking, and especially spending time with my wife, my little son, and my friends.


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