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Andrew Drabble - Professional Profile


Delaney Secure Ltd Biometric Developer April 2013 – August 2018
Under a three-year EU Grant I was tasked with designed and testing an integration solution for Android based mobile phones allowing for multimodal biometric identification using the following biometric devices, iris scanner from iriTec, Sherlock FAP45 fingerprint reader, the mobile phones own camera to provide the mechanism for facial recognition.

Implemented the Integration a number of devices into the DelaneyID range of products including Gatekeeper. The devices included the following: CMI-Tech EA45, KJ Tech 3400 and Futronics range of biometric fingerprint devices.

Designed and implemented a Cloud based M2M system to communicate with the iFace range of time and attendance machines, allowing for the collection of over 26,000 user attendance records daily.

Designed and created the Delaney Gatekeeper system as a standalone and middleware authentication solution for integrating gym management software to onsite access control solutions including door control and turnstile controls.

Designed and Created a Super wrapper for the neurotechnology SDK allowing the integration of biometrics into existing software applications in less than 10 minutes of coding

Assisted in the maintenance of commercial releases.

Researching and integrating new development trends into the existing pre-commercial releases of the Delany software product range.

Nationwide Power Software Engineer (Contract) March 2012 – July 2012
Developing in-home control/display unit utilizing SQLite, SQL 2008 R2, C#, WPF. Communication using M-Bus and ZigBee 1.1 pro. Designed a process for commissioning smart meters directly from the in-home device. The main scope of the system was to supply the home owner with real time meter data (11 second updates) from the E-Meter via wireless M-bus and Gas meter (30 Mins) via wired M-Bus. ZigBee was used as the communications control for ancillary devices like Boiler control, lighting etc.



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