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Software Engineer with diverse work experience, including programming, software development, continuous integration, continuous development, continuous testing and consulting. Extensive knowledge of software development specifically using scrum methodology for project management related activities. I have a very strong proficiency in several programming languages like C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, and AngularJS. I have used almost every data engine and the list includes SQL Server, Oracle, Crystal Reports, Mango DB, and MS Access. I have worked on many different business domains like Title Insurance, Computer telephony integration (CTI) for CISCO, E-commerce, Healthcare, Video on Demand for mobile apps and CRM. I am always dedicated to meet customer requirements with innovative solutions that maximize efficiency and exceed capability targets. I am always comfortable to discuss the technical issues and solutions with scientists, analysts as well as clients for successful project delivery.



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Web Developer
Pakistan Pakistan
Ahsan Al Nasar is my Education is BCS and MBAIT. i love to program in C#,ASP.NET,SQL SERVER ,ACCESS,Database programming.
I am running my own small software house with my friend.

Currently working on my own urdu language editor. for which i have developed my own bitmap font editor in vb 6.0 and rendering system in C# 2.0.


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