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I started writing BASIC at age 10 on a TRS-80. After a long hiatus I found myself in FORTRAN classes in college while getting my Civil Engineering degree and I was hooked. I'd often find reasons to write code just for fun. Either writing batch files to optimize a process or tweaking RPN code in my HP calculator I just loved to write code. I made the switch to become a full-time software developer in 1997 and it's been awesome.

I work for a small systems integration company. That has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects convering a broad spectrum but mostly centered around Microsoft technologies. I've written Access and ASP.Net based stock trading apps (that my client used in such a way that the government shut them down, little did I know). I've written a machine vision app used to help align micron-scale targets on flat panel displays. From embedded WinCE code that controlled vending machines, copiers and laundry rooms to an ASP.Net MVC site used to track the movements of security guards on the job. The next job can be wildly different from the last and that's just the way I like it.

Most of my work lately has been in C# either in WinForms or ASP.Net MVC and WebForms. For fun I've written some Windows Phone apps and I've started dabbling in Node.js.


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