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These days if you are looking for a short term or long-term stays or a holiday with a difference, homestays are the best accommodation option. Homestays have separate accommodation for guests and it’s perfect for those who prefer their privacy more, they may feel more relaxed at a homestay.
Staying in a homestay gives you a mesmerizing and unique experience full of discovery and the comforts of a homely environment.

It’s important to choose your homestay wisely. Tree Leaf Homestays provide a unique homestay experience to customers. At Tree Leaf Homestays, I bet you’ll have a wonderful, hassle-free and unforgettable experience, offer quality and affordability. You’ll find the perfect host family there who help you to settle into a new place. Tree Leaf Homestays, an airbnb in delhi, Greater Kailash, a posh area.

We have spacious bright furnished rooms with double bed, fully AC, 53 inch TV, free laundry service, free WIFI, bright bathroom, mini kitchen, and other amenities. We provide a mini kitchen for our guests with all the kitchen essentials so that our apartment feels more like home and you can cook as per your choice. We also offer complimentary breakfast for those you don’t want to cook as per the liking of our guests with some healthy options on the menu. You have a delight of home-cooked food.

"The Guest is God" Tree Leaf Homestays take full care of their guests. The main advantage of staying in homestays is to experience Indian hospitality. In hotels, you won’t be able to experience that. This is also one of the major reasons & perks of homestays. What other advantages are you have a family to look after you if you’re visiting India for the first time. Staying safe is the first priority. We also have a branch of Tree Leaf Homestay in Nainital.



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