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AnswerRe: problem in querying database Pin
jeyapandian29-Sep-06 20:49
Memberjeyapandian29-Sep-06 20:49 
AnswerRe: problem in querying database Pin
Stefan Troschuetz29-Sep-06 22:44
MemberStefan Troschuetz29-Sep-06 22:44 
Questionreturning arrays from function Pin
DownBySpj29-Sep-06 19:06
MemberDownBySpj29-Sep-06 19:06 
AnswerRe: returning arrays from function Pin
zhengdong jin29-Sep-06 20:12
Memberzhengdong jin29-Sep-06 20:12 
QuestionDeployment problem with events called from COM Pin
Symbul29-Sep-06 18:57
MemberSymbul29-Sep-06 18:57 
QuestionHow to keep my app from being "killed" Pin
Darryl Borden29-Sep-06 18:51
MemberDarryl Borden29-Sep-06 18:51 
AnswerRe: How to keep my app from being "killed" Pin
Syed Mujtaba Hassan29-Sep-06 21:09
MemberSyed Mujtaba Hassan29-Sep-06 21:09 
AnswerRe: How to keep my app from being "killed" Pin
geo_m29-Sep-06 21:34
Membergeo_m29-Sep-06 21:34 
I don't know about any easy way how to achieve that.
Personally I would prefer to find a non-software solution, but if you insist Wink | ;-) I would:

1. limit the account the kids are running under (if not done already). If they are admins, you can do nothing they are not able to overcome.
2. Write a service that is optionally attached to the WTSRegisterSessionNotification (WinXP+). This helps you to use their windows logon to measure the time they spend on the computer in total. Also can help to detect who is trying to overcome the security mechanism.
3. Set the service as autorestarted for any case (service settings).
4. Disable the network connectivity on the service startup (e.g. disable the ethernet card).
5. Write the communication application that is on one side communicating with the service, on other side asks for the specific username/password allowing to start the internet session.
6. The application will pass the credentials to the service.
7. Service will enable the ethernet card for use for valid credentials.
8. Logoff from the windows or from the communication application will cause the eth card to be disabled.
9. In cause the service is killed somehow, windows will restart it. Because of 4. the internet connection is disabled.

This all will pops-up some questions:
1. what is a Internet spending time - I can download a bunch of pages at all in a few seconds, then read it for a week (offline browsing)? On the other side I can download e.g. a large iso image of my school project from slow school server physically not being at the computer - meanwhile helping at home with some other tasks Poke tongue | ;-P .

2. How to manage the software solution that someone will not simply bring in a notebook, disconnect the original computer and browse from that notebook?

3. above solution is quite difficult to manage with user-switching (although not impossible, but can be overcomed by another software running on background in suspended account waiting for the connection to be enabled from another account)

Another possibilities (solves 2):
- custom proxy - measure the time on other computer used as an authenticated proxy server. Set your network that the internet is not accessible in any other way without using this proxy. Lock proxy in secure place.
QuestionMouse pointer Pin
Nafiseh Salmani29-Sep-06 18:46
MemberNafiseh Salmani29-Sep-06 18:46 
AnswerRe: Mouse pointer Pin
Nafiseh Salmani29-Sep-06 21:13
MemberNafiseh Salmani29-Sep-06 21:13 
QuestionDiagramming application Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa29-Sep-06 16:55
MemberMustafa Ismail Mustafa29-Sep-06 16:55 
QuestionStill Brginner!!!! Pin
Bagie29-Sep-06 13:43
MemberBagie29-Sep-06 13:43 
AnswerRe: Still Brginner!!!! Pin
Nader Elshehabi29-Sep-06 14:36
MemberNader Elshehabi29-Sep-06 14:36 
GeneralRe: Still Brginner!!!! Pin
Bagie1-Oct-06 13:17
MemberBagie1-Oct-06 13:17 
Questionsocket.beginrecieve method for UDP. find out who sent you the data? Pin
mmatteson29-Sep-06 12:48
Membermmatteson29-Sep-06 12:48 
AnswerRe: socket.beginrecieve method for UDP. find out who sent you the data? Pin
geo_m29-Sep-06 21:45
Membergeo_m29-Sep-06 21:45 
Newsi didnt know its so simple (pdf) Pin
Amar Chaudhary29-Sep-06 12:25
MemberAmar Chaudhary29-Sep-06 12:25 
QuestionCodec Probelm Pin
snouto29-Sep-06 12:24
Membersnouto29-Sep-06 12:24 
QuestionBeginner Question, Sorry Pin
Bobbydoo829-Sep-06 11:07
MemberBobbydoo829-Sep-06 11:07 
AnswerRe: Beginner Question, Sorry Pin
led mike29-Sep-06 11:28
Memberled mike29-Sep-06 11:28 
AnswerRe: Beginner Question, Sorry Pin
Guffa29-Sep-06 11:38
MemberGuffa29-Sep-06 11:38 
GeneralRe: Beginner Question, Sorry Pin
Bobbydoo829-Sep-06 14:51
MemberBobbydoo829-Sep-06 14:51 
QuestionReading an XML file into a typed Dataset Pin
gashach29-Sep-06 11:07
Membergashach29-Sep-06 11:07 
AnswerRe: Reading an XML file into a typed Dataset Pin
led mike29-Sep-06 11:22
Memberled mike29-Sep-06 11:22 
GeneralRe: Reading an XML file into a typed Dataset Pin
gashach29-Sep-06 12:09
Membergashach29-Sep-06 12:09 

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