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I need some advice on a project I want to do. I want to build an online application but am not sure what language to build it in or what type of server software I need.

My Project: I want to build a schedule system, nothing too fancy, I'm not building an enterprise system.

Additional Comments: I'm a student and very well aware that this type of program already exists but I'm trying to create a costume one for my organization. Plus put it in my portfolio.

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I suggest you use a language you already know, assuming that it supports all the features you need. There are many to choose from so just start with what you already know.

Bonus is you'll likely learn a ton by doing this project. I think it's a great idea.
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Moomaw 15-Jun-15 10:51am    
I'm mostly fluent in C++ but can a web application run in C++? I am new to creating my own programs. I have more experience in JSPs and WebSphere Commerce than anything.
ZurdoDev 15-Jun-15 10:54am    
I don't know of a way to use C++ to do web applications.

Actually, I think I saw an article once how to do it but it is so much manual work you would never want to do it.
Moomaw 15-Jun-15 10:58am    
I think I will do it in Java since that seems to be the most popular web application language.
ZurdoDev 15-Jun-15 11:02am    
Java? From my perspective, that is not popular at all. Or did you mean JavaScript? And you wouldn't write an entire app in JavaScript only. You'll likely want to use it alot though.

ASP.Net is much more popular but then again, I have always worked with Microsoft technologies.

There's php or Ruby on Rails too.
Moomaw 15-Jun-15 13:26pm    
So if you had a preference, which would you pick, ASP.Net, php or Ruby on Rails? Either way, I'm going to have to learn a new language which I love doing.

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