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Hi Geniuses,

I have written JavaScript function which is calling from html but it is not working. below is my html and JavaScript function.So it is throwing the 404 exception.

<img src="Images/btn_off_lookup.gif" id="Img1" name="ComplainantID" class="lu" lookuptypeicons="/Images/ico_16_8.gif" otypename="Participant" lookupstyle="single" onclick="OpenLookup();">

function OpenLookup() {
        //, '', 'dependent=yes,width=900,height=650,resizable=yes');
        //alert('Come here');
        o = event.srcElement;
        var sPath;
        switch (o.otypename) {
            case "Participant":
                sPath = "ParticipantList.aspx";
            case "Mediator":
                sPath = "MediatorList.aspx";
        sPath = sPath + "?lookup=Y&fieldname=" +;
        openStdWin(sPath, "", 700, 500, "dependent=yes,resizable=yes");

Could you please tell me why it is not working.

Any idea or suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank You!
Updated 17-Jun-15 8:48am
ZurdoDev 17-Jun-15 15:10pm
404 means the url is wrong.
Mohibur Rashid 17-Jun-15 20:21pm
What browser are you using? Try chrome or firefox. If chrome press ctrl+shift+j . New window or pane will be opened. Clivk on the Console tab. Now try clicking your image. Read tge error on the pane. If you do not see an error directly call your function from your console window and see what result you can see. Come to us again if you have trouble.

1 solution

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Solution 1

Debug it. What, even alert('Come here') did not work? If you really copied all text correctly, it should work.
One possible problem is that you have lexical error elsewhere. In case of such error, the whole JavaScript, even correct fragment, may not work. JavaScript is not a pure interpreter (surprise?!), the implementation can have pre-processing where the lexical error can fail the whole thing without any exceptions.

First, of all, you can simplify all code down to some absolute minimum and make sure onclick handler does work. It will. Then, you can take different routes. First of all, use JavaScript debugger. If it seems to be difficult (there are problems with different set-ups), you can try to add code back by small pieces, until the problem re-appears. This is a hard way to localize it. If that seems to be difficult, I have my own "secret weapon": put all code in string use JavaScript eval on this string, sandwiched with try-catch block. This is a trick to catch lexical errors as exceptions, not only "usual" exceptions. I described this technique in detail in this section of my article: JavaScript Calculator, 5. Handling Lexical Errors.

[EDIT: In response to the discussions in comments]

What are you talking about? This is a minimal code, it works:

      <title>Click handler should work!</title>
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
         function clickHandler() {
            alert('click handler works!')

<img src="nothing certain" onclick="clickHandler()" width="100", height="100" />


So, you cannot tell us that onclick doesn't work. Start with this code sample and add your code. Or show your complete code (minimize it as much as your can). You are doing something wrong on some elementary level. Maybe script is misplaced (where is it?) maybe you misspell something. Analyze the situation on a comprehensive way.

[no name] 17-Jun-15 15:16pm
Hi Sergey,
I really appreciate and thankful to you for your quick reply. The problem is onclick is not working. I put alert message but it is not coming into JavaScript function. I have only two hours to submit my whole project. Reality I am stuck only in this position. I am reading your article.

Thanks again,
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Jun-15 15:25pm
Then start using some of my recommendations. onclick certainly does work, there is no doubt about it. Write the simplest code from scratch and you will certainly get it. Checkup everything, such as spelling...
[no name] 17-Jun-15 15:30pm
function OpenLookup() {
//, '', 'dependent=yes,width=900,height=650,resizable=yes');
try {
alert('Come here');
} catch (e) {
//o = event.srcElement;
//var sPath;
//switch (o.otypename) {
// case "Participant":
// sPath = "ParticipantList.aspx";
// break;
// case "Mediator":
// sPath = "MediatorList.aspx";
// break;
//sPath = sPath + "?lookup=Y&fieldname=" +;
//openStdWin(sPath, "", 700, 500, "dependent=yes,resizable=yes");

No luck cursor is not coming to this place.I am getting 404 pop up exception . Please help me.
[no name] 17-Jun-15 15:39pm
Detail Error Message:

Detailed Error Information:

IIS Web Core



Error Code

Requested URL

Physical Path

Logon Method

Logon User

Request Tracing Directory
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Jun-15 15:47pm
What are you talking about? In your sample the should not be any cursor. What cursor? There is a mouse cursor and not a text caret.
Check up everything in a comprehensive way. Please see my update to the question. This event handler always works, you cannot tell us it doesn't.
[no name] 17-Jun-15 15:55pm
Sorry, I wanted to tell you debug pointer. Please don't angry better you kill me. Thanks for your reply again. You are so kind.
[no name] 17-Jun-15 15:58pm
Dear SA,

I comment out everything but still why I am getting this exception: http://localhost:59037/undefined?lookup=Y&fieldname=ComplainantID on 404 popup.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Jun-15 16:14pm
Okay, but it is unrelated to the onclick question. This if 404 'file not found'. Sorry, I did not pay attention for that, distracted by unrelated click. Forget about onlick, make sure the file is found, URL is right, and so on.
[no name] 17-Jun-15 16:25pm
So far Thanks for your kindness.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Jun-15 16:30pm
You are welcome.

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