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Hello good night guys okay? I have a difficulty in creating a class to list properties. The structure would be the one below?
public class Order
     public string orderNumber {get; set; }
     public DateTime orderDate {get; set; }
     private DateTime RequiredDate {get; set; }
     private DateTime ShippedDate {get; set; }
     public int CustomerNumber {get; set; }
     public bool status {get; set; }
     public string comments {get; set; }
     private IEnumerable<orderdetail> OrderDetail;

     public virtual IEnumerable<orderdetail> OrderDetails
         get {return OrderDetail; }
         set {OrderDetail = value; }

     public Order ()
         OrderDetail = new List<orderdetail> ();

If so, how do I fill it? Does anyone have any examples?
Updated 19-Jun-15 20:43pm
Mostafa Asaduzzaman 19-Jun-15 20:34pm    
rewrite this line : private IEnumerable OrderDetail;
to private IEnumerable<orderdetails> _orderDetails = new IEnumerable<orderdetails>()
and then
public virtual IEnumerable OrderDetails
get {return _orderDetails ; }
set {_orderDetails = value; }
Thyago Analista 19-Jun-15 21:38pm    
Ok thank's. And could spend example of how to fill this property using an SQL query with Inner Join, for example:
myConnection = new SqlConnection (ConnString); myConnection.Open (); MySqlDataAdapter connection adapter = new SqlDataAdapter ("select * O., D. *" + "Orders from the" + "INNER JOIN OrderDetails D" + "ON O.orderNumber = D.orderNumber" myConnection); connection Adapter.Fill (DataTable Daybase);

1 solution

Have a look here: Walkthrough: Creating Your Own Collection Class[^] and change the code as is provided there.
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