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Here OnInitDialog() in in main thread and i am trying to call this method from the child thread(worker thread) which i have created. when i am trying to do this i am getting a debug assertion failed error(Both in Debug mode and release mode).
** I am using Microsoft Visualc++ 6.0 IDE**

MFC objects are not thread safe. So you can't call MFC functions like OnInitDialog from another thread.

A usual solution to this problem is posting user defined messages from the worker thread to the other (main) thread.

As a starting point you may read Multithreading: Programming Tips[^] and follow the links. This has not changed much since VC 6. But you should think about using a more recent version.
This is less a problem of thread-safeness. MFC keeps a map of window handles to MFC objects, which is used to route an incoming windows message to the corresponding C++ class object. This map is thread-specific and can only be accessed from the thread in which the window was created. Hence, you may only deal with windows and controls from the thread that created them. A common technique is to use a single thread for all UI activities and worker threads for all non-UI activities.

That is also the reason why you must specify in MFC whether you want to create a UI or worker thread.

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