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So I never typically have struggled in C# until I came across video. It seems one trial after another.

Capturing using a crossbar 8820 device
camera produces PAL video
worse yet video is interlaced
need to grab a frame at a time from the video.

So in Aforge, I can get everything I need, get it all up and running, except interlacing. I have the registered and it can work in directshow, but I get stuck on how to mix the two worlds.
 VideoCaptureDeviceForm form = new VideoCaptureDeviceForm( );

            if ( form.ShowDialog( this ) == DialogResult.OK )
                // create video source
                VideoCaptureDevice videoSource = form.VideoDevice;

                // open it
                OpenVideoSource( videoSource );
private void videoSourcePlayer_NewFrame(object sender, ref Bitmap img)

This is over simplified ofcourse. Now say I want to add a deinterlace filter in ? it seems I can't do it in the Aforge.Video world ? Seems to force me to directshow ? Where I have to fight crossbar, and a host of fun things

<pre lang="c#">        
void buildUSB2820()
   IBaseFilter usb2820 = DirectShowLib.Utils.FilterGraphTools.AddFilterByName(graphBuilder, FilterCategory.VideoInputDevice, "USB 2820 Device");
   IBaseFilter crossbar = DirectShowLib.Utils.FilterGraphTools.AddFilterByName(graphBuilder, FilterCategory.AMKSCrossbar, "WDM 2820 Crossbar");
  bool success = DirectShowLib.Utils.FilterGraphTools.RenderPin(graphBuilder, crossbar, "0: Video Decoder Out");
  FinishGraph(ref usb2820, "Capture");

private void InitilizeDirectShow()
   int hr = 0;
   graphBuilder = (IGraphBuilder)(new FilterGraph());
   captureGraphBuilder = (ICaptureGraphBuilder2)(new CaptureGraphBuilder2());
   hr = captureGraphBuilder.SetFiltergraph(graphBuilder);
   mediaControl = (IMediaControl)graphBuilder;
   videoWindow = (IVideoWindow)graphBuilder;
   mediaEventEx = (IMediaEventEx)graphBuilder;
   // send notification messages to the control window  
   //hr = mediaEventEx.SetNotifyWindow(this.Handle, 0x00008001, IntPtr.Zero);  

void FinishGraph(ref IBaseFilter filterName, string pinName)
  IBaseFilter pAVIDecompressor = null;
  if (deInterlace.Checked)
    IBaseFilter lace = addIbaseFilter(CLSID_delace, "lace");
    connectPins(filterName, pinName, lace, "Input");
    pAVIDecompressor = addIbaseFilter("AVIDecoder", (IBaseFilter)new AVIDec());
    connectPins(lace, "Output", pAVIDecompressor, "XForm In");
    pAVIDecompressor = addIbaseFilter("AVIDecoder", (IBaseFilter)new AVIDec());
    connectPins(filterName, pinName, pAVIDecompressor, "XForm In");

  //IBaseFilter render = addIbaseFilter(CLSID_VideoRenderer, "Renderer");
           // connectPins(color, "XForm Out", render, "VMR Input0");

 IBaseFilter render = addIbaseFilter(CLSID_VideoRenderer, "Renderer");
 connectPins(pAVIDecompressor, "XForm Out", render, "VMR Input0");
 // try and add to panel video

So it seems I get stuck in one world or another. In Aforge, I have no way to add the interlace filter in that I know of. In directShow, I can easily add the deinterlace, but I have a hard time grabbing a frame. I got close adding sampleGrabber in, but got an incompatible pins error trying to connect SampleGrabber to the renderer.

In a simple world I would then connect the directshow to the Aforge VideoSourcePlayer object and I would be super happy. Any ideas ?

1 solution

hmm, so no ideas ? no comments ?

I guess only thing I can think of is Aforge is opensource, maybe figureout how their videosource works and if I can add a filter myself or something.
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