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Hello there. I have a class with bind list here:
class StafkiProperties
        public string TarifenModel { set; get; }
        public string Artikl { set; get; }
        public string kolicina { set; get; }
        public string kolicinaMerka { set; get; }
        public int VrednostNaMaterijali { set; get; }
        public string ValutaMaterijal { set; get; }
        public string DavackiRazdolzuvanje { set; get; }
        public BindingList<stafkiproperties> Stavki { set; get; }
And this properties are filled with some data : 

 public  BindingList<stafkiproperties> GetVrednost()
            BindingList<stafkiproperties> max = new BindingList<stafkiproperties>();
                while (max.Count() < 55)
                    max.Add(new StafkiProperties
                        TarifenModel = (620190021).ToString(),
                        Artikl = "СИНТЕТИКА/ПАМУК",
                        kolicina = (72).ToString(),
                        kolicinaMerka = "PCS",
                        VrednostNaMaterijali = 50,
                        ValutaMaterijal = "EUR",
                        DavackiRazdolzuvanje = (7512).ToString()


But when i try to make instance of class i cannot set this list as a datasource of data grid view, any help please?
StafkiProperties st = new StafkiProperties();
             // Stavki = new StafkiProperties();
             // BindingList<stafkiproperties> Stavki;
              dt.Rows[i]["Р.Бр."] =
              dt.Rows[i]["Модел"] = st.Stavki;
              dt.Rows[i]["Налог"] = st.Stavki;
              dt.Rows[i]["Количина"] = st.Stavki;
              dt.Rows[i]["PCS"] = st.Stavki;
              dt.Rows[i]["Цена"] = st.Stavki;
              dt.Rows[i]["Вез"] = st;
              dt.Rows[i]["Додаток"] = st;
              totalAmtStr += (i + 1);
              dataGridView1.DataSource = dt;
Updated 23-Jun-15 23:14pm

1 solution

I'm missing where dt is declared but it seems to me that you want to set the DataSource to a binding list? st.GetVerdnost() returns a binding list. Can you set the data source to st.GetVerdnost?
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