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Hello. I have been following Pro ASP.NET MVC 4 book by Adam Freeman, and i'm confused about the ActionLink's route matching behaviour. Below are my RegisterRoute and ActionLink method :

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) {
routes.MapRoute("NewRoute", "App/Do{action}",
new { controller = "Home" });
routes.MapRoute("MyRoute", "{controller}/{action}/{id}",
new { controller = "Home", action = "Index",
id = UrlParameter.Optional });

@Html.ActionLink("This is an outgoing URL", "CustomVariable")

The ActionLink above points to
<a href="/App/DoCustomVariable">This is an outgoing URL</a>

I find that puzzling. According to the routing rules, it shouldn't match with
since it lacks the static fragment for it. It should point to /Home.

Thanks in advance.

1 solution

It looks for a match in order and returns the first valid one. So while it matches your second route, it also matches the first so that is the route used. Put your most generic routes at the end and the most specific ones at the start.
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