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After following[^], I have created a file upload web application using angularJS and WCF service and developed in Visual Studio 2013.

However, I am stuck with few issues.

1.Home page URL: The index.html resides in Project -> src -> client -> index.html. When I publish this on IIS, I have to access it like http://localhost/Client/src/client . I would like to remove the /src/client from the path, preferably Client/src/client from the URL. How can I do this? In IIS I have created a separate website which has sub directory as MyWebsite/Client and MyWebsite/Server. Hence ‘Client’ appears in the URL.

2.File Upload doesn’t work on Mobiles: I have created a small web app to upload custom files(such as with extension *.xyz). It works fine on Desktop browsers(IE, Firefox, Chrome). However on mobile browsers, it fails to detect the file and gives ‘Unsupported file format’. The application using these files is a desktop application and can't be installed on mobiles. However, I would like to transfer these files from mobile as well to WCF service. Is there a way we can upload the custom files using ‘input’ element with type=file?

Thanks in advance!!!

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