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Change status automatically using trigger from database when system date and date(from database) are equal

My table is-:


Id Status Date
1 false 2015-06-25
2 false 2015-06-25
3 false 2015-06-26
4 false 2015-06-26

If system date will be '2015-06-25' then using trigger status of Id:1 and 2 will be true and if system date will be '2015-06-26' then it will change the status false to true.
Updated 25-Jun-15 2:09am
John C Rayan 25-Jun-15 7:41am
Can you explain it more clearer? What do you want to do? Do you want to update the status column using a trigger when the system date and date in the row matches?
Abhishek Burrnwal 25-Jun-15 7:47am
when system date change after that check Date value match the system date then status value to automatically change.
John C Rayan 25-Jun-15 8:15am
Right! The trigger will only work for some events like INSERT , UPDATE or DELETE etc. For your requirements you may have to run a job in the SQL server daily to check the system date and any match in the rows then update the status.
TenmanS14 25-Jun-15 9:11am
yup, and if your using express edition then you can do it with scheduled tasks, batch files and the sqlcmd command, prob. run it at 00:01 everyday....
TenmanS14 25-Jun-15 9:21am
oops... mySQL, assuming your on a 'nix machine you do it with a cron job
CHill60 25-Jun-15 8:17am
When you say "system date" do you mean it is another day (in real life) - but nothing has changed on this table?
If so then a trigger is not what you need


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