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If mobile number is empty or null or 0 cannot insert record in tb_common_sms table.

for that stored procedure as follows
     USE [HIMT_Testing]

  ALTER procedure [dbo].[WS_Course_waitlist]
         declare @Mob_num varchar(15)

     if (len(ltrim(rtrim(@Mob_num))) > 9) and @Mob_num <> '' and @Mob_num <> 'NULL'

        insert into tb_common_sms

      select a.stud_id,s.stud_mobile,'Dear Candidate, your' + RTRIM(a.cmn_minor_code) + ' Course has been confirmed for '+ convert(varchar(12),cbm.cbm_batch_start_dt,106) + '. Waitlist id: '+ convert(varchar(200), a.Waitlist_Id) + '. B,getdate(),'Online','a'
      from course_waitlist a,co_batch_master cbm,batch_Seats VW,student s
      where s.stud_id= a.stud_id and a.cr_active <> 'd' and vw.avil_seats > 0 and
      a.Batch_id = cbm.cbm_batch_id and a.batch_id=vw.cbm_batch_id

When i execute the stored procedure

In tbcommon_sms table record is not insertd. the mobile number is there in the student table.

But when i execute the stored procedure, in tb common sms table record is not inserted.

I am validating if mobile number is empty or null or 0 record not to be inserted in tb common sms table.

if mobile number is there in student table, tb common sms table reocrd to be inserted using stored procedure.

for that how can i validate.
Updated 28-Jun-15 23:54pm

1 solution

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Solution 1

First off, this won't work:
@Mob_num <> 'NULL'
That compares the number agains teh string literal "NULL", rather than checking for a NULL value:
@Mob_num IS NOT NULL
Should work better.

Secondly, this kind of validation is really something you should be doing in the presentation layer, where you can report a problem to the user and get him to fix it. Byu the time it reaches SQL, it's normally far too late!

Finally, your INSERT code doesn't refer to the @Mob_num variable, so it won;t get inserted anywhere, even if it does validate correctly!

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