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I have designed a page in html which contain form. now i want to retrieve that form data from that html page and i want store that data to microsoft-sql database using aspx page. Is it possible to access a data from that html page to aspx page. I also Want to place a textarea (one of form element) in aspx page is it possible
Updated 13-Aug-10 23:23pm

See, I think you are coming from tech like Servlets, ASP somewhere, where the form data is available from an html page only with form action.

In you can get form data during postback. It has superior Server side controls that can track even viewstates. I think it is better to learn basics of first so that you know how easy is to handle these in ASP.NET.

Other than that, in your situation, it is very easy to get form data. Just post the page, the same way you do for other programming language using form action, and post it to your own HttpHandler (one interfaced from IHttpHanler interface)

You will get all the form data from HttpContext.Current.Request.Form
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narikkumar 26-Aug-10 7:02am    
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You can't get the form data from a page that has already been posted, from another page. The closest you can get is cross page postback using two ASPX pages. Hard to say more based on what you've told us.
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You don't need to have a ASPX page in between. Use a simple class that would pass on the form data from HTML and insert it into SQL DB.

Either use HTML or ASPX to get data and then post it to DB.
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