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Hello, I'm a green hand. Now I meet a puzzle. I need received and then send a char[2048] array continually.
In my mind put receiving and sending in one thread inefficiency . So I create two threads sending and receiving. I have multicore so these two threads could parallel running.
Now my problem is how can I share the char array between two threads. First of all, the global variable shouldn't used. What's way should I choose. Then did the buffer should be used ie page buffer .
Could you give me some advice?
Updated 30-Jun-15 3:54am

1 solution

Sorry but you need a global data resource. It is the only possibility to avoid copying data. The access you must manage, for instance with a Mutex. An example you will find here..
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KarstenK 30-Jun-15 10:58am    
Anyone better ideas??? plz write...
JinxLeader 30-Jun-15 11:03am    
I think copying data is acceptability.
KarstenK 2-Jul-15 5:13am    
Not at all. Not for sharing. You are then sending copies of that data around. Such code is a dead end street if you want to extend the code to more threads or bigger data.

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