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Dear Codeproject,
I have shared my RssFeeds on Codeproject and then few of the valuable members reported me as abusive and troll user. Please Review my messages and posts that i have been abusive or not.

Except one or two articles, rest I have written my posts myself and attached examples in the posts as well. Please review the same.

Please suggest how can i reopen my closed account on codeproject.

Thanks & Regards
Santokh SIngh

[edit]Email removed[/edit]
Updated 2-Jul-15 20:16pm
OriginalGriff 3-Jul-15 1:17am
Never post your email address to any forum, unless you really like spam!
If you get a reply, you will receive an email directly.
[no name] 3-Jul-15 1:47am
I agree with OG. You must be very careful about not appropriating the work of others without attribution. It is not a minor thing and denying it won't help one bit. If you get caught cheating in an exam for example the penalty is often being kicked out of the course. What annoyed many people was that you continued to post stolen items even after being warned. I would do as OG has suggested and place a request in Bugs & Sugs. Who knows they may be kind.

1 solution

We take plagiarism very seriously - and your comment "Except one or two articles, rest I have written my posts myself" indicates that you don't.

If your account was closed for plagiarism - and if you are the user I think you are then it most certainly was - the official rule is that your account is closed and will remain so. However, the final decision is with the staff, and you can ask them to reopen it by posting a request here:[^]

It is very unlikely to succeed - we really do not like those that steal others hard work and try to pass it off as their own.
SantokhSingh_MVCDeveloper 6-Jul-15 6:26am
Thank you so much OG. Unfortunate I lost that account. However I shall try to give pure contribution.
OriginalGriff 6-Jul-15 6:35am
You're welcome!
And provided you remember that we don't like plagiarism, and that we have got very good at spotting it you should be fine. Welcome back!

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