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I am trying to Sort a huge string array.
I can sort it but only column wise (y-axis). Is there a smooth way to do this by row instead (z-axis)?

my code for sorting on columns is like this and it is dynamic on datatypes.

public Program()
    int[][] ex_arr = new int[][] { new int[] { 32, 22,0 }, new int[] { 33, 4, 12 }, new int[] { 9,0,0 } };
   Sort<int>(ex_arr, 0);

public  void Sort<T>( T[][] data, int col)
    Comparer<T> comparer = Comparer<T>.Default;
    Array.Sort<T[]>(data, (x, y) => comparer.Compare(x[col], y[col]));

With this code I sort on the column(Y) (32,33,9).
How can i sort on row (X) in the second array? (33,4,12).
The real array is too big to post here.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Updated 10-Aug-10 1:25am

Try LINQ to go through the elements of the array and sort each one ..

int[][] ex_arr = new int[][] { new int[] { 32, 22, 0 }, new int[] { 33, 4, 12 }, new int[] { 9, 0, 0 } };
            var qry = from x in ex_arr
                      select Sort(x);
            int[][] sorted=  qry.ToArray<int[]>();

add this function for sorting an array ... there might be a built in function for this ...

int[] Sort(int[] arr)
            return arr;

hope this helps
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Per Söderlund 11-Aug-10 1:27am    
The 2d jagged array i have is in relation to each other, so if i sort the middle row i want the other rows
to move accordingly.

This is nice though. Good Job.
Per Söderlund 12-Aug-10 1:10am    
Reason for my vote of 5
Good code
My solution was to use my code in the question.
I swapped the y with the x into a new array,sorted it and inserted the sorted data into the original array. Because i can't find a way to sort by rows, only columns.
The code for it is not nice and it's not clean but i have to live with it...
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