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How to calculate the duration of an OverTime according to the InOutMode using sql ?

Leila Toumi asked:

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I'm trying to calculate the duration of the overtime for each employee.
I'm using the Log Table: Log_Attendance:

EnrollNumber    DateAttendance     TimesInOut                        ModeEvent   
1               12-07-2015          12-07-2015 14:00:00                 4
1               12-07-2015          12-07-2015 15:00:00                 5
1               12-07-2015          12-07-2015 17:00:00                 4
1               12-07-2015          12-07-2015 18:00:00                 4
1               12-07-2015          12-07-2015 19:00:00                 5

ModeEvent= 4 --> OverTimeOut
ModeEvent= 5 --> OverTimeIn

I need that the system give NULL when the employee has consecutive rows with the same ModeEvent (Example row 3: the employee has an overtimeIN but he hasn't marked his OvertimeOut)

I tried this query but it gives me a wrong values:

         DATEDIFF(Minute, TimesInOut, NextDate) as duration
FROM    (   SELECT  EnrollNumber, 
                    (   SELECT  MIN(TimesInOut) 
                        FROM    Log_Attendance T2
                        WHERE   T2.EnrollNumber = T1.EnrollNumber
                        AND     T2.TimesInOut > T1.TimesInOut
                         and T2.Mode <> T1.Mode
                    ) AS NextDate
            FROM    Log_Attendance T1
           where mode in (4)
        ) AS T
 where mode in (4,5) and EnrollNumber=1

Any Solution please ?
Tags: SQL, SQL-Server (SQL-Server-2008R2, SQL-Server-2012)


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