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I am passing two list variables in an ActionResult as Below.

public ActionResult Index()
            List<category> cat = _business.ViewAllcat().ToList();
            List<Books> book = _business.ViewAllBooks().ToList();
            return View(book);

When I run the Code I get the below error

The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Durgesh_Bhai.Models.category]', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[Durgesh_Bhai.Models.Books]'.

But when I am using only one List in Actionresult its working fine.

Please provide the solution for the same as this is a urgent requirement.
F-ES Sitecore 14-Jul-15 3:55am    
I don't see how the code you have posted will give that error. I can see "return View(cat)" giving that error, but not your code.

Also if this urgent then google " mvc two models view" and you'll find thousands of answers to your question instantly without the need to wait. Please do basic research before asking a question.


I Suggest to use TupleList for Return more than one List and access it.

Just do Following...
public ActionResult Index()
            List&lt;category&gt; cat = _business.ViewAllcat().ToList();
            List&lt;Books&gt; book = _business.ViewAllBooks().ToList();

var objTuple=new Tuple<List<category>,List<Books>>(cat,book);
            return View(objTuple);

// Access TupleList at Index.cshtml 
@model  Tuple<List<cat>,List<book>>
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Better you use ViewModel in this case , Create a viewmodel with require entities in your View and set values on controller and pass ViewModel to View.
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