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Hi All,

I have downloaded the CellSetGrid ([^] )source code and tried to implement the grid with my cube details. I am trying to use the same in VS 2013. When I run I am getting error as "sql server analysis services 2005 or later required " even if I have already Installed latest version of SSAS. Please help me to resolve this. Thanks in advance.

Kindest Regards
Sibeesh Venu
Updated 14-Jul-15 3:12am
[no name] 14-Jul-15 7:13am    
Ask where ever you got the code from, or read the error message and do what it says.
Sibeesh Passion 14-Jul-15 7:15am    
I asked the same there also. But could not get any responds . That is why I thought of posting the question here. And I have already Installed latest version of SSAS.
[no name] 14-Jul-15 7:20am    
And you expect to do what about it? Random strangers on the internet have no idea what this CellSetGrid is, does, who wrote it or anything else.
Sibeesh Passion 14-Jul-15 7:45am    
Yeah, But someone may tried this before right?

1 solution

Hi All,

I have solved this myself. Here I will share you the steps you may need to follow.

1. Find out the CellSetGrid2.cs file from the downloaded files

2. Find out the line " if (Convert.ToInt32(this.oConnection.ServerVersion.Substring(0, 1)) < 9)"

3. Comment out the codes inside the if condition.

4. So your condition may looks like below.

// Check server version - Yukon and later supported

if (Convert.ToInt32(this.oConnection.ServerVersion.Substring(0, 1)) < 9)


//this.oCellSetState.IsAllOK = false;

//this.oCellSetState.ExceptionMessage = "SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 or later required.";




In this way, it won't break according to the version.

5.Now build your project and use the latest dll in your consumed project.
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CHill60 14-Jul-15 9:20am    
By "debug" I presume you mean "build"
Sibeesh Passion 14-Jul-15 9:25am    
Yes, sorry. I will update the same. Thank you

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