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Hi brother! im new in c# and sql
i need your help aout it now ^^!

so, i have a table like this

id, parent_id, name
1, 0, max
2, 1, john
3, 1, sean

4, 2, truong
5, 2, muong

(you will see id 1 have 2 child and id 2 have 2 child)

i want to make code can check in sql data if 'id' have 2 'parent_id' will switch to next 'id' if have new data insert. (ps: each 'id' just can hold 2 childs)
Andy Lanng 14-Jul-15 10:26am
I don't know what you mean by "switch to the next id", but conditional counts are simple enough. I'll add a solution but let me know if it's not what you need

1 solution

So the format of an SQL query is as follows:

Select [column [, secondcolumn [etc]]
from [table [join table2 [etc]]
[where clause [and|or secondclause [etc]]]
[group by field [, secondclause [etc]]]
[having clause [ and|or secondclause [etc]]]

where clause operates on the flat table, the having clause operates on aggregates.

So, we can get the aggregate using a group by:

Select parent_id, Count(*) as 'count'
from table
group by parent_id

This list will look like this:
parent_id, count
0, 1
1, 2
2, 2

we can then add a having clause on the aggregate field 'count':

Select parent_id, Count(*) as 'count'
from table
group by parent_id
having count(*) < 2

Now our results look like
parent_id, count
0, 1

Is that what you needed?
EADever 14-Jul-15 11:48am
first of all thanks for your help!
The 2nd query that i needed, i just wonder how i can make it work in c# code :(
Andy Lanng 14-Jul-15 12:32pm
How do you mean "in c# code"?

There are loads of resources on how to perform sql queries from c#

If you are using a model-based database connection (i.e. entity framework) then it will easily translate into linq
EADever 14-Jul-15 22:06pm
do you have skype? i need your help if you have free time!
Andy Lanng 15-Jul-15 4:01am
No I don't (and I wouldn't give out personal details here. It's a rule ^_^)

I am always here. Post a new question if the subject is not regarding this question. I'll look for your post ^_^
EADever 15-Jul-15 7:41am
Oh i just dont know about it! Thanks for the informations :)

I have a question about sql query: How to get query result id if parent_id count < 2? (result will give id value)
Andy Lanng 15-Jul-15 7:43am
Post this as a new question. We're all about points here so we try to keep a thread on-topic.

Remember to include the query from the solution above

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