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There will be one text box where user will enter excel formula.

I want to check that user has entered valid formula or not.

for example,
1. SUM(C2:C11*D2:D11) => Valid

2. C2:C11 SUM D2:D11   => Invalid

1 solution

One quite simple way would be to use Interop and using Evaluate[^] method check what is the return value of the evaluate. If it returns an error, then the formula is invalid.
Amol Lendave 16-Jul-15 3:44am
Thanks for quick response.

Can we do same using OpenOffice or any another option it should be open source.
Actually I'm not using MSOffice
Wendelius 16-Jul-15 3:55am
Unfortunately I don't know OpenOffice well enough. I know they have a SDK so perhaps something similar exists. The main idea is still to simply set the formula and check if error is raised...

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